TELUS: Nexus 6 in Midnight Blue Finally Arrives


nexus 6
The elusive Nexus 6 has finally arrived on TELUS, in Midnight Blue, for $280 on a two-year Your Choice Plan or for a cool $780 on a no-term.  My advice is if you want the Nexus 6 and you are a TELUS subscriber, grab one while you can.  I cannot believe that Google did not foresee the demand for this device and not have plenty of them ready to go when it was announced for sale.  It has been this way from day one in the U.S. Google Play Store – not to mention the fact that Google made it clear that you could also purchase the Nexus 6 on any of the major U.S. carriers…in theory, you could purchase one, but not so much in reality.  It is a very frustrating situation for a wannabe Nexus 6 buyer, especially with Christmas around the corner.

We reported at the end of November that some Nexus 6 devices arrived on Rogers, Bell and Videotron and classified as "in stock."  The stock was to be severely limited until the next week or so, but at this time – three weeks later – it can still tough to get your hands on one.  TELUS had said in a statement at that time that they would delay the launch of their Nexus 6 until the French-Canadian bug was fixed…they wanted to sell the device to all Canadians and not just some – so noble of them!  This did not stop Videotron from releasing the Nexus 6 even though they had a predominantly French-Canadian subscriber base.

Motorola Canada did confirm that the Nexus 6 would ship to all Canadian carriers as unlocked and it does appear that they are selling it that way.  It was also reported that only the Midnight Blue version with 32GB of storage would be sold in Canada, and so far that is the only model we have seen…we not sure why they made that decision and we have heard no word as to whether the white version would ever make its way into Canada.  Another nice thing about the Nexus 6 on TELUS, the pricing of $280 on a two-year contract is about $20 cheaper than on Bell and Videotron, although, if you want to buy one outright, the $780 is about $30 more than the others are.


Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you have been impatiently waiting for the Nexus 6…as always, we would love to hear from you.

Nexus 6 Midnight Blue