T-Mobile Will Focus Efforts On Grabbing More 700MHz Spectrum With More Aggressive Deployment In 2015

AH T Mobile TMO Logo 2.6

T-Mobile has announced that they will be buying up more 700MHz band spectrum for the future, and will be deploying it aggressively in 2015 rolling out the spectrum band support for their network in more locations around the U.S. Last year they completed a deal with Verizon Wireless where they picked up a large set of 700MHz A Block spectrum, so this won’t be the first time they have acquired some of it, it is unclear though where they will pick it from the next time they purchase more. They did however recently sign a deal with Vulcan Wireless for low band spectrum of this frequency that would set them up to roll it out in the Portland and Seattle areas. Their current spectrum in the 700MHz band covers roughly 185 million POP’s in nearly all of the top U.S. markets, covering 24 out of the 30.

In addition to the continued focus to acquire all the 700MHz spectrum they can, T-Mobile stated that they would be rolling out more devices next year that will support the 700MHz frequencies, expanding their lineup of devices that support it as of now. They didn’t mention how many devices they would be launching, just that the number of devices would be “Significant” which tells us there will probably be quite a few. T-Mobile’s last A Block spectrum seller was Verizon Wireless as we stated above, the nation’s number one wireless carrier and a company who they have just agreed to swap more spectrum with pending the approval from the FCC.

T-Mobile isn’t only focusing on network rollouts and spectrum though, as they have just announced yesterday some new promotional plans for the holidays that began just this morning as part of their Simple Choice offerings for families. These new plans allow for two lines on one plan for just $100 a month, which nets customers completely unlimited access to voice, messaging, and 4G LTE data with no speed caps. Subscribers can also add on additional lines at just $40 a pop, totaling ten lines, who would all get the same completely unlimited services. With more improved network rollouts and pretty much unbeatable value on plans, T-Mobile looks to be continuing their role as the aggressive, scrappy underdog of the major wireless carriers in the coming year.