T-Mobile Delay Nexus 9 With No Mention Of When It will Arrive


It has been an interesting year for the Nexus range. When the Google Nexus 6 launched everyone was shocked by the price of the device. In spite of the rather good build quality and high specs. Within the same month, the Google Nexus 9 by HTC was also released and although more expensive than previous Nexus tablets, the price did not seem as significant as that of the Nexus 6. In spite of this, the Nexus 6 continually kept selling out every time it went live. This was apparently due to the carriers buying all the devices to trap you into their two-year contracts. In contrast, it seems to be the opposite problem for the Nexus 9. Initially, the Nexus 9 was selling out although it is generally quite widely available carrier-free at the moment via Amazon, Best Buy and the Play Store. Again, in contrast it seems it is the carriers who are having issues with obtaining the Nexus 9 and no-one more than T-Mobile.

Back in mid-November, T-Mobile did announce that they would be selling the Nexus 9 for $0 and 24.99 a month on a 24 month contract. To add to this, T-Mobile announced that the Nexus 9 would be available sometime in December. Well, December is here and there is still no sign of the Nexus 9. You may be thinking, hold on, it's only December 4th. Give them a chance. And you would be right. However, it now seems that the Nexus 9 will not be arriving in December at all. In fact, it seems T-Mobile themselves do not actually know when the Nexus 9 will be released.


An internal T-Mobile memo now states that the Nexus 9 has been officially delayed. What is more, the memo states the arrival date for the Nexus 9 will be "on a date to be determined". Reading between the lines, it is probably safe to assume that this to-be-determined date will not be anytime soon. The memo does not provide any additional details on why the delay is occurring. That said, it is probably fair to say that T-Mobile customers who were waiting on its arrival, won't care so much as for the reason. The news of the delay itself will not be welcomed news. As and when T-Mobile provide any details on the delay or its reason we will update you. Are you a T-Mobile customer? Were you waiting on the Nexus 9? let us know.

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