Spotify's Giving Away 3 Months Of It's Premium Subscription For just 99 cents (US) or £9.99 In The UK

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So, it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and possibly closer and closer to that time of year where you might need a little time to yourself away from family and friends, just to regain your sanity after being presented with yet another Christmas themed jersey. What better way to seclude yourself for a little while than hooking up the headphones to your tablet or smartphone and listening to your favorite music? After all, there’s no harm spending some time with Hootie and the Blowfish or rocking it up with some vintage Guns ‘n Roses. Where ever your taste in music lies though, Spotify may well have the answer to accessing your favorite songs thanks to their Christmas season promotion that is running in both the US and the UK.

If you are in the US, you can get 3 months of Spotify Premium for only $0.99 before increasing to the standard rate of $9.99. What will you be getting for your $0.99? Well, being subscribed to Spotify Premium means you can play any song, all you have to do is search and hit play and you’ll be hearing your songs within a few seconds. If you have a limited data allowance, you can also save your music to listen to offline, which also means that you can carry on listening to your tunes despite not getting any signal on your device. Ads can be quite annoying, but subscribing to Spotify Premium means you never have to listen to another ad again, leaving you free to immerse yourself in the music instead of hearing about a new range of diapers coming to market. Another major boon of the Premium subscription is the ability to listen to your songs in high-definition, making the most of your fancy headphones you just received as a present.

If you are in the UK, Spotify have got you covered as well, although it isn’t quite as good a deal as they are offering the US. Instead of $0.99, Spotify are offering the first month for £9.99, with the next two months free of charge before increasing to the standard rate of £9.99 per month. That still works out to two-thirds off the price of three months of Spotify Premium though. That’s gotta be worth something right? Whether you reside in the US or over the pond, you have until December 31st to take Spotify up on the offer. US citizens can click here to go to their region-specific site, while UK dwellers can click here. It should be noted that if you’ve used a trial before or previously had a Premium subscription, then Spotify may deem you to be ineligible for this promotion.