Sponsored Game Review: Ice Rocket


Ice Rocket is an arcade style Android game that tasks you with a simple gameplay premise; to collect stars and avoid obstacles for as long as you can. That sure sounds nice and simple, and in reality it is, but Ice Rocket is a very challenging game. Even on the Easy mode there's something quite challenging about Ice Rocket, and as a game that plays on our addiction to endless runner games, Ice Rocket seems like one more drop in the ocean. A new game that's just getting off its feet, Ice Rocket seems fairly simple, and basic. Is it more than what it seems? Read on as I try to find out.

To start playing all you need to do is to download Ice Rocket from the Play Store, and load up the game.


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There are three game modes to choose from, easy, medium and hard. It goes without saying you should start with Easy.

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When playing, there are only three controls to remember, a button to send the rocket to the right, to the left and to center it.

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As you keep on flying, you'll see stars you need to collect as well, stars really help add to your score, far more than just avoiding obstacles will. You're given a high score at the end of each run.


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One nice touch in Ice Rocket is how it uses achievements with Google Play Games.

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Overall, what we're looking at here is a fairly generic game that just asks you to dodge obstacles. There's little new here really, but it does have some good qualities to it. For instance, it runs really well, and the cartoon graphics aren't exactly stunning, but they look good overall. The gameplay is definitely quite basic, but it is genuinely challenging. And I mean challenging in a way that'll put a smile on your face, rather than otherwise. It's still not all that, but it's a difficult game that I can see younger users and casual gamers getting into. It's easy enough to play with one hand, and challenging enough to keep you hooked for a while, and it is free to play so there's not much to complain about really.


  • Speed (5/5) – Ice Rocket's crown jewel for me is how fast it runs. It's super-quick and the gameplay is frantic as well, giving you a tough time trying to create more and more high scores.
  • Features (3.5/5) – There's not much to Ice Rocket, and that's a shame as the gameplay is really quite good fun, but there needs to be more to keep me here beyond my frustration for not beating a high score.
  • Theme (4/5) – While nothing special, the cartoon graphics are good-looking, they look good on high-resolution displays and the sound effects and music are cool, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – With more on offer, Ice Rocket would be a safer bet, but as of right now this is a game for endless runner nuts and casual gamers alike.


  • A genuine challenge is presented by Ice Rocket here, and it's a tough game for even me to be good at.
  • Three difficulty modes will cater to all ages and skill levels.
  • Simple control scheme is easy to use, but also a refreshing change from just left and right, presenting you with yet another challenge.
  • Really quick game, it runs at a great pace, which is part of why it's so challenging on the harder difficulties.


  • An ad after every high score is a little annoying, but the game is free after all.
  • Might be a little too simple for some players.

All-in-all, Ice Rocket is what it is, a free and simple game to play whenever and wherever. You can play it with just one hand when you're waiting for a bus or the train and it should be something for little and big kids to get into. It's challenging, and it runs at an excellent frame rate as well. With decent cartoon graphics and good sound effects, there is more on offer than you first think. It is however, still a fairly basic game, but sometimes simple is all we need to have fun.