Sponsored App Review: Shopping Search by The Find


Description: Shopping Search by The Find is a one stop shopping experience that lets you look for, browse, find, and purchase just about anything you could think of from a handful of different catalogs, stores and online merchants all within one easy to use and manage application so you neither have to go out shopping in person and lug around a bunch of bags, nor drive all around town from place to place. The app focuses on making it easy for you to get all your shopping done from one app while buying things from all of your favorite stores and it seeks to alert you to a multitude of deals so you never miss a deal again.

How It Works: Before you can start shopping and finding all the best deals on items from your favorite stores that you already shop at, you'll need to download Shopping Search by The Find from the Play Store.Shopping Search


With Shopping Search by The Find, you can browse tons of different items from various stores, whether you're looking to shop locally or online. Just switch between the online tab, the local tab, and finally the map tab if you want to see where locally you can pick it up on the map so you know how far away you are.Shopping Search

You can also find things that are on discount for 50% or more, all you have to do is browse through the "special offers" category down at the bottom, which has a few feature items on the front home page, and then a banner image for viewing all items in the special offers category which you can browse through alphabetically.Shopping Search

Searching for products and items to buy is easy, you can do a simple search up top by typing in the item or product name you're looking for, and if you're already out and about shopping you can even scan barcodes to see if you can find it at a better deal or price somewhere else online or locally.Shopping Search


Integrated voice search makes it easy for you to search for the things you want to buy or shop for hands free, just in case your hands are already filled with bags. Browse for things by store catalog, with items from top stores like Best Buy, Nordstrom, Crate and Barrel, Guitar Center, Lumens, Express, Merrell, Bed Bath and Beyond, World Market, and more.Shopping Search

If you're not really sure what you're looking for and you just want to shop for stuff, you can always browse the popular deals section towards the top of the app, which displays trending items and things that other people are shopping for the most, making it easy to see what others are buying and what's popular.Shopping Search

You can personalize your shopping experience by logging in with Facebook, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail, that way you can save products you like and go back to them again. The app also saves your searches so you can pick up where you left off the next time you launch the app. Shopping Search


There's also a share button so you can share deals with friends via Facebook or email, just in case you want others to be able to get the same deal or you simply just want some feedback on what you're interested in buying. After all, you value opinions of your friends and family right?Shopping Search

Opinion:  I am usually not a huge shopper, whether it be online or locally, and I tend to order things from Amazon when I do buy online but sometimes you can find stuff in stores at a great deal and you want to pick things up immediately, and this is where I found Shopping Search by The Find to be of a great use. It allowed me to search for the things I would want and find them locally on the map so if I wanted to grab them I could run out and get it. I found the user interface to be nice and easy to navigate, even without a Material Design interface which I am now more accustomed to. The app makes things easy to find and easy to search for, and the special offers deals seem great. Overall a pretty decent app experience.


  • Speed (4.5/5) – The app really didn't have any lag at all and load times between pages and categories seemed to be quick enough. Using it was enjoyable because it was fast.
  • Features (4.5/5) – There was a lot that the app had to offer. If it was just searching for stuff to buy online it would have been OK but it goes above and beyond by letting you search for local buys and gives you a map interface for finding stores around you. The share feature was also a nice touch.
  • Theme (4/5) – I would have liked to see a Material Design UI implemented here as it's just so much more enjoyable but the style overall is nice and easy on the eyes.
  • Overall (4/5) – Good features and easy to use. If you frequently shop for items both online and locally, this is definitely an app I would recommend keeping on your phone.


  • Share button for letting others know about deals within the app, whether you want feedback or just to share the deal so others can get in on it.
  • Easy to use interface, decent UI and user-friendly navigation.
  • Lots of great deals in the special offers section. You can also sort search results by price and get the best deals on whatever you're looking to buy.
  • All coupons and special offers are updated in the app so you don't have to look for promo codes elsewhere.
  • Map for finding the stores that carry things you were shopping for


  • No option to sign in with Twitter
  • Would like more store catalogs

Conclusion: As I stated above, this is definitely an app you should keep on your phone if you do any shopping and like to get the best deals. There are loads of offerings from tons of the top stores, and great deals often in the special offers section. Big images make it easy to see the things you're shopping for and finding things locally makes it easy to get that immediate gratification when shopping for something you want right now.