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Description: Office Calculator for Android is yes, another calculator application, however it's designed specifically for those that work with numbers all day long and need an industry-standard way of working out figures with no mistakes. It's called Office Calculator, because unlike standard options, this is geared towards more financial applications and there's the familiar tape – included here digitally, of course – to keep track of all the steps in your equations, again a feature that those working with numbers will really appreciate. Complete with the ability to easily shift decimal places and set tax rates to easily work taxation out and such, Office Calculator seems like it belongs in an accountancy firm, read on to see if that's the case.

How it Works: To get Office Calculator on your device, all you need to do is download it from the Play Store here. The free version I'm using here features everything that the paid version does, but it has ads included.


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After a quick introduction from the developers, you'll be thrown into the calculator. Right away, you can see that it's styled like something you might see on someone's desk in a bank or finance firm. The tape keeps on ticking with each stage of your equation, and it's always visible.

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If you want to make the most of the UI however, I'd suggest putting it in landscape, and it works great like this on tablets.

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At any moment from the main display here, you can go ahead and set things like the tax rate, the decimal points and the rounding targets.


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Whenever you like, you can view just the tape on its own, giving you a quick reference of what you've done and allowing you to backtrack as well.

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Having this tape in digital form is really quite helpful, as you can simply long press on a line in the tape to change the value or edit things, this means you can change one part of a long list of equations to get the right values further down the list.



The settings page for Office Calculator is loaded with all sorts of cool things you can tweak and fix, which is really nice to see as a lot of people change settings to how they need them from day-to-day.

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Opinion: Unsurprisingly, a writer like myself doesn't really need a financial calculator. Having said that, being self-employed means I need to work out my own tax and expenses, and considering my math skills aren't all that great to begin with, Office Calculator isn't going anywhere from my phone. Moreover, I can imagine those that really need something like this will appreciate the ability to get a quality, and well put together, financial calculator on the device they probably use for everything as it is. The tape function here is worked into the UI really quite well and the app takes better advantage of the added screen real estate on Android tablets, which is nice. I might only use this for working out expenses and tax, but that's more than enough for me and I'm sure those in a financial profession will find a lot of value here.



  • Speed (4/5) – Office Calculator runs really quickly and it of course has no problems working things out for me.
  • Features (4/5) – While a calculator like this isn't particularly new, this ticks all the right boxes and it does so with gusto. There's everything you could possibly need from such an app here, especially for free.
  • Theme (4/5) – There's not much to write home about here, but this is not an ugly app and it makes good use of the extra space on Android tablets.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid application that offers everything someone in the finance sector would need on their smartphone, Office Calculator definitely gets the job done.


  • Landscape mode on both smartphones and tablets actually makes things easier to do, unlike similar apps.
  • Tape feature is both a throwback to the way we used to do thing and also a standard, too. It works well and should help people work things out in stages quite easily.
  • You can set tax rates, rounding targets and more nice and easily without any hassle at all.
  • Free to use, with the same functionality as this paid version, but with just ads to contend with.


  • Some way to export the tape to cloud storage could help for keeping records.
  • The haptic feedback is nice, but audio feedback would be a nice feature for older users, perhaps.

Conclusion: There are tons of calculator app available on the Play Store, but Office Calculator has gone about making one the right way. Everything you could want in an office calculator is here, the settings menu is full of helpful tweaks and it doesn't try to be anything other than it is. A fantastic tool for anyone that needs to perform financial equations in or out of the office, Office Calculator is solid, dependable and everything many could ask for in a free app.


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