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Description: LogDog is an Android app and service that watches over your online accounts and alerts you if there is suspicious activity in your online accounts, protecting your accounts by arming you with the best weapon possible; knowledge. With 1-in-4 accounts hacked online these days, many people don't know that it's happened, but with LogDog you're alerted if something like that happens. Not only that, but you can use LogDog to keep an eye on your accounts and see where you last logged in from and to generally check if everything's okay. The creator of LogDog designed this app as a result of a personal experience resulting in a vicious hack and now, your Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Dropbox, and Evernote accounts can be protected from hacks in real time.



How it Works: LogDog is not only free, but really quite easy to use as well. As such, it's just one small download from the Play Store and then you can start adding your accounts to be protected.

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I use Dropbox quite a bit, and so I'll add this to be monitored by LogDog. All you have to do is essentially log-in to the service – with the assurance that LogDog stores passwords on your device and encrypts them, they are not uploaded to the net – and then you'll be protected.


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Once you've authorized the account, you'll see a list of frequent log-in locations, last activity and more. All of which I can definitely say is correct, and that's of course my IP address blurred out for security reasons.

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As LogDog protects your accounts online, rather than just on your device, you're alerted when something happens a world away, which is often how these things do happen. When you've added the accounts you want protected, you'll see them in a list on the main page every time you open LogDog as well as their status, too.

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I was pretty impressed with the way that LogDog handled two-step authentication as well, with little fanfare or anything; it just worked.


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The whole point of LogDog is the ability to be alerted to when – heaven forbid – your account is being accessed in a different country, or through a different type of device. Both surefire signs that your account has been compromised.




Opinion: LogDog is pretty much exactly what I want in a security application for my Android devices. I know what to install and what not to install, I know that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. I don't need a full blown, bloated, application to protect my device. Instead, what I care about more are the accounts I use to store all of the information I use daily on my smartphone and tablet. LogDog suits that need nicely, and the ability to quickly open the app and see where my accounts have been accessed is a nice way of keeping my mind at ease. I have strong passwords and change them regularly, but I know firsthand that's not enough. If a service has poor security, like Microsoft's Outlook (formerly Hotmail) definitely does, then we need to be on our toes. My Outlook account, which I use very rarely now, is always coming under fire, which is why I'm sad not to see those account supported here, but I imagine the blame lies with big, bad Microsoft than with LogDog.


  • Speed (4/5) – Super quick to set up, there's no jumping through hoops with LogDog.
  • Features (4/5) – It's simple and easy, and puts the power back into account holders' hands, keeping people informed of the things that matter to them the most.
  • Theme (4/5) – A good-looking app, LogDog is easy to understand and the UI is simple to use, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – By offering just enough to keep an eye on our online accounts, LogDog is an excellent solution to make sure your accounts don't fall into the wrong hands. While it might scare some off by giving one more app access to their account, using a service designed by someone spurned by hackers before give me a little more faith.


  • Protects your Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Dropbox, and Evernote accounts with more incoming.
  • Super-easy to set up, with no need to give LogDog device administrator privileges or anything similar.
  • Quick to use, there's no messing around with LogDog and it works just as it promises to do.
  • Alerts you to when something isn't quite right, giving you the options to check it out and see if everything is okay.


  • I wish that Outlook accounts were supported, but that could be added in future updates.
  • Some sort of PIN access to protect others accessing the app on your phone would be a nice touch.

Conclusion: As security applications go, LogDog has the big boxes ticked; our online accounts. A lot of us know that installing apps outside of the Play Store and browsing dubious websites will only get us into trouble, so we just avoid doing that. We don't all need full blown security apps, and instead need to make sure our online accounts are secure no matter where we are or what we're using to interact with them. LogDog is free, easy to use and can alert you when something doesn't look right. It's just what many of us have been asking for for years and it works really well. For more information on LogDog, you can check out their website.



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