Sponsored App Review: Fuzel Collage


Fuzel Collage is a photo editing app that features premium frames, stickers and labels to help your photos really stand out. Featured in the "App Store Best of 2014" by Apple, it's now launching on Android. More than just another collage app, Fuzel is about giving you the ability to make the most of your memories. It's slick, looks good on Android and is easy to use. All of those things were true of the iOS version, but what about the Android version? Does the service do Android justice and is it what many of us have been waiting for? Read on as I try to answer those questions and more.


To get started, you can go ahead and download the app from the Play Store, or you can head on over to the Fuzel Website to get a feel for the service with artwork created by users. Once you have the app installed, just go ahead and launch it.

2014-12-15 14.47.58

As you'll see in the shot above, there's a featured spot for your own created collages., which is currently empty on my end. Fuzel features four different types of decoration; Stickers, Labels, Frames and Patterns. Stickers and Frames are some of the most popular, perhaps because they have the most effect on your images. New packages with fresh decorations are released every week, and you can find these under the New Packages part of the app.


Below is a gallery full of samples of stickers, labels, patterns and frames for you to take a look at:

Of course, you can always take a look at other creations for inspiration by using the Discovery feature as well.

2014-12-15 14.48.57


Enough of that though, starting your own collage is as simple as selection photos from within the app. The photos don't need to be on your phone's storage either, you can choose from Facebook, Instagram and other sources. You can choose multiple photos, but I'm looking to show off a photo from a recent walking holiday of mine.

2014-12-17 09.57.10

As you can see, you can choose from a number of different frames, effects, stickers and more. Here, I'm looking to show off a frame, and I've settled on this Vintage Paper set.


2014-12-17 09.59.40


Then I'm going to use a label to create a postcard of sorts for friends and family.


2014-12-17 10.02.04

Now, my quick little creation is saved in My Collages ready for me to save to my phone or share with people on Facebook, Instagram or just with an email.

2014-12-17 10.15.02


Here are a few featured on the Fuzel website that do the tools on offer a little more justice than my attempt:

Screenshot 2014-12-15 at 17.18.07

I'll be honest and say that I'm not a big fan of collage applications, mostly because I'm not a fan of collages in general. However, Fuzel is not your run-of-the-mill Android app that bundles your photos together with some fancy stickers and fonts. Rather, it's designed in such a way to do your photos justice. While it is a little annoying having to buy (admittedly with a generous helping of free credits) the decoration packages to adjust your collages the quality on offer is hard to argue with. While this might not be for me, I can see that there's a lot you can do with your photos and for those that enjoy this sort of thing, there's more than enough on offer for Fuzel to scratch that creative itch.



  • Speed (4/5) – Fuzel runs quickly, it's quick to get set up and there's little waiting around for collages to 'process'.
  • Features (4/5) – With a vast variety of stickers, labels and more on offer there's a lot to choose from. Not only are the resources there, but the app itself is super-easy to use, making it nice and simple to create something really nice in little time at all.
  • Theme (4/5) – Unlike other prominent iOS apps, Fuzel joins Android by looking like an Android app. It runs great, and it does a great job of showing off content at all times.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid application that has all the right boxes ticked, it's nice to finally see Fuzel on Android, and those looking for one more creative outlet will find a lot to play with here.


  • Easy to use, anybody will be able to use this, it's step-by-step and nothing is too complicated.
  • Stickers, labels and other add-ons are all shown off well before you purchase them with your credits.
  • There's a vast array of different styles for your collages, and you can select a good number of photos for each one.
  • Unlike other iOS apps, this is a good Android version, and feels like an Android app, rather than a clunky port.


  • A lot of the stickers and such that I came across all needed to be paid for with credits, but there is a 75% off sale on in-app purchases running right now.
  • No way to submit my own stickers, labels and such from within the Android app.

While it's safe to say that not everyone enjoys creating collages, if you're someone that does then Fuzel Collage is a worthy app to give a go. There's so much on offer that you'll have a hard time finding some sort of style that isn't on offer, and the uses are really broad. For instance, there's even options to use labels for promotions material for close shops and more. Featuring tight integration with Instagram, this is a collage app designed for today's user, whom enjoy playing with their photos and Fuzel is a playground jam-packed with toys.