Sponsored App Review: ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is a premium VPN solution for Android that offers you unlimited bandwidth, over 65 different locations to choose from, with 74 server locations all over the world. Of course, this does come at a price, but there is a free trial you can take a look at. ExpressVPN aims to be more than just another way VPN, and it focuses on offering secure servers all over the world, the ability to stay anonymous online and of course access restricted content. A great idea for those looking for content available outside of their home nation, as well as frequent travelers, is ExpressVPN what you've been looking for? Take a look at the trailer below for an introduction and read on to see what we thought of it.



When talking about the Android version of ExpressVPN, all you need to do is download the app from the Play Store. When you launch ExpressVPN, you'll be given an introduction into what the service has to offer.

2014-12-28 12.18.23

You can start up a free trial, or just log in with an existing account you use on your PC. ExpressVPN clearly lets you know that all plans include a wide range of features.


2014-12-28 12.19.13

When connecting to a location, there are two lists to choose from; the main list and a recommended list of VPNs. A nice touch I thought, was the location highlighted for those visiting China.




When you choose a VPN location – I'm going to choose Washington DC so I can access US websites from the UK – you'll be asked to agree to send all traffic through ExpressVPN.

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As a little test, I went to the PlayStation website, which would normally send me to the European website, but as I'm using a VPN it sent me to the US site, as you can see from the URL.

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There are some pretty nifty settings available here, like the ability to set up a default connection that always comes into effect when you turn on your device.


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When you're connected to a VPN, you can always get info from the notification, as well as an update on how much traffic you've used and your IP from within the app.




One of the big reasons ExpressVPN costs, is that they have excellent 24/7 support, and you can contact them directly through the app if you have a problem.



As VPN solutions for Android go, ExpressVPN is really quite comprehensive. I'm fairly certain I haven't seen this many locations to choose from in other VPN apps for Android. While you only get one day for a free trial, I would rather an app be upfront about it being a paid-for service. Besides, server maintenance and such isn't exactly cheap these days. There are exotic locations available in ExpressVPN like Luxembourg, Japan, Argentina, Israel and Turkey to name but a few. You can easily configure a default connection to start every time you turn your phone as well, which is a great idea for travelers. In fact, our Editor Alex recently went to China for a phone launch and found all the Google services to be blocked. If he had ExpressVPN he'd have been able to carry on like normal.


  • Speed (4/5) – This is one of the faster VPN solutions that I've spent time with, and it doesn't appear to have an effect on streaming video, either.
  • Features (5/5) – This might not be cheap, but there's a lot of different connections to choose from and with unlimited bandwidth you'll actually be able to make the most of your subscription here.
  • Theme (4/5) – This is a decent looking app and the interface is nice and easy to follow. It's certainly straightforward that much is true.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – If you're the type of user that really needs a reliable VPN to use, then ExpressVPN is a decent choice. It's reliable, has a whole host of different locations on offer and you get unlimited bandwidth.


  • Unlimited bandwidth, which makes this a viable options for streaming video from restricted services where you are.
  • Great option for those traveling that want to see the Internet as it was back home or avoid firewalls, like that in China.
  • Great range of locations to connect to, from the Americas throughout Europe, the Middle East and into Asia.
  • Over 74 different server locations worldwide ensures a quality and reliable service.


  • Could be considered expensive by a lot of users.
  • Free trial only lasts for a day.

While ExpressVPN is by no means cheap, that doesn't mean it should be dismissed. If you're a frequent traveler, then you'll know how frustrating it can be to come up against obstacles trying to reach home or find out the news back home. Not only that, but there is so much content that's blocked behind geographical lines. With ExpressVPN you can watch Netflix from the US, which is a lot better than the UK version I have for instance. Let's not forget either, that ExpressVPN is not just for Android and you can use your account on your PC, Mac or even Linux machine. A good, all-encompassing option, ExpressVPN is a serious tool for serious users.