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Cooler Master, not to be confused with the manufacturer of PC hardware, accessories and PC Gaming accessories, is an Android app that aims to cool your phone down. It serves a couple of small purposes; to cool your phone down and to let you know the temperature of your device. It does that fairly well, but when all you need to do is hook into one sensor and then analyze which apps are CPU intensive, that doesn't seem all that hard. So, is Cooler Master an Android app that you need on your smartphone? Read on to see what we thought.


To get Cooler Master installed and running on your phone, all you need to do is download it from the Play Store. Then, when you open the app, it'll start scanning your running apps to see what's making your phone run hot.




When it's found apps running on your device that might be to blame, you'll be given the opportunity to kill the running tasks in order to free up memory, but also to cool your phone down. If you'd like to you can pick and choose which apps should be closed. This is good for me, as if I were to close the Android Wear app my watch might start behaving strangely.




Once you've chosen the apps to kill, Cooler Master will get to work and then your phone should start to cool down as a result.




Of course, I'm only using general apps on my phone. Someone who plays more games and watches a lot of video would get more benefit from this.

So, the whole idea with Cooler Master is to detect which apps are CPU intensive thus pushing the temperature up and then to kill these processes to cool your device down. While I'm sure that over a short period of time, killing apps that demand a lot of resources will reduce the temperature, I can't say that I personally have much need for an app like Cooler Master. I know when my phone gets hots, mostly when I'm watching HD videos or playing 3D games. While it's nice that Cooler Master tells me which apps are making my phone run hotter than normal, and gives me the option to close them, it all seems like a placebo to me. After all, leaving my phone alone for say 10 minutes is likely to have the desired effect without one more app installed on my phone. For those interested on how games and videos have an effect on the temperature of their phones though, this is a good choice.


  • Speed (4/5) – This is a quick app, and nothing really takes too long to happen onscreen, either.
  • Features (3.5/5) – Essentially, Cooler Master is yet another task manager that just so happens to show you temperature instead of how much memory you have free and such.
  • Theme (4/5) – Cooler Master is a good-looking app, and the UI is super-easy to use as well.
  • Overall (4/5) – While Cooler Master might not be an app for everyone, it can educate users and help them see which apps that make their phones and tablets feel worryingly-warm to the touch, and it can apparently solve the problem, too.


  • Quick and easy to use, without any long-winded tutorials or anything to sit through.
  • Great way for users to see which games and apps have been running up the temperature on their phones.
  • No pop-up ads getting in the way, which is nice for a free app like this.
  • Can help you cool down your phone quicker than otherwise, even if the effect isn't massive.


  • Could all be a placebo effect in a lot of cases.
  • Better scanning of apps to choose, like the Android Wear for instance, would be nice to see.

Overall, it's clear that Cooler Master is an app that does what it promises it will, even if the effect isn't as dramatic as you might think. It's free, with no pop-up ads getting in your face, and even if it won't cool your phone down right away, knowing which apps cause your phone to crash or turn off due to overheating is a valuable tool to have. While I can't say how much it helped me, I'm sure those with phones prone to crashing or turning off when warm will find some value here.



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