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Description: CM Backup is an application for Android that's designed by the same company behind Clean Master and it's a complete backup solution for your Android phone. With CM Backup you get 5GB of free cloud storage to backup your SMS messages, contacts and call logs to the cloud. Using the Cloud makes it nice and easy to restore your photos, SMS messages and more to a new device without the associated hassle. It's completely free to use and the backups don't take long, so it seems to be one of the better solutions, read on to find out if it is.

How it Works: To get started with CM Backup, all you need to do is download CM Backup from the Play Store. From there, you need to either create an account or sign in with Google+ or Facebook.


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When you sign up, you'll be awarded 5GB of free storage, which is a lot more than other backup solutions.

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CM Backup will then tell you how much free space you have on your device, as well as how many SMS messages and contacts you have to backup.

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You can then add more items to backup as well, which include your photos. Photos are backed up at their full resolution and size, but CM Backup then gives you the option to compress them – up to 90% – on your device in order to save space.


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Backing things up didn't take too long using my WiFi connection, and you can take a detailed look at how much data you're uploading.

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In the settings panel, you can change how things upload as well as schedule your daily backup time, too.

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While you do get 5GB for free, there are Pro plans with even more storage.


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Opinion: This is not the first backup solution for Android I've spent time with, and I doubt it'll be the last one. What I liked about CM Backup was not that it did anything other solutions didn't, but that it was so easy to do so. I was able to backup my contacts, SMS messages, photos and more to the cloud in a matter of minutes. All I had to do was tick some extra boxes in order to backup other items to the cloud and everything was handled really well. This is clearly a well put together app and it's well polished. I haven't come across an app like this that makes use of cloud storage like this and while it's still a proprietary solution, it's super easy to use and makes restoring this data on another device easier than a lot of other options out there.


  • Speed (4/5) – CM Backup ran great on my smartphone and the backup times were nice and quick as well.
  • Features (5/5) – It doesn't backup apps or data like that, but it backs up precious data and it does so in a super-slick manner that relies on cloud storage to great effect.
  • Theme (4/5) – One of the better looking backup apps out there, this is a professional looking app and it's nice and easy to work with.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – If it would only backup apps and their associated data, this could become one of the only backup apps needed, but as it stands it's still much better than others available.


  • 5GB of free storage should be ample room for anyone backing up even a hundred devices or more.
  • Super simple to get to grips with, and easy for anyone to us.
  • Good-looking interface makes it pleasant to use.
  • One of the best uses of the cloud I've seen in a backup app for Android.


  • Doesn't currently backup apps or games, but this is a feature being worked on.
  • Didn't want to install on my Nexus 9, which is a shame as I was looking for a solution.

Conclusion: CM Backup is one of the easiest to use backup solutions that I've come across for Android and it also makes great use of the Cloud. There's no need to choose which cloud storage you want to use, no need to name a backup or anything like that, you just sign in, connect to the internet and backup. It really is as simple as that, and while I wish that it would backup apps and games as well, we can't have it all for free, can we?



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