Sonos Speaker Purchases Through Amazon Award Buyers With Up To $50 In Amazon Credit


Do you love shopping online? Do you love music and wish you had an easy, more seamless way to listen to it throughout the entire home? Sonos speakers are a technology that can help with this if you have a smartphone a tablet, allowing for easy connected music in any room with managing the controls  all from the companion app on your mobile device, via a network of wirelessly connected speakers. There are a range of different Sonos offerings, with speakers that are better suited for those who are looking for a completely new setup, and even a bridge device called the Sonos Bridge which lets you attach it to your existing home theater/audio equipment so you can still get the same wireless music playback and control as the original Sonos setup solutions.

With it still being Cyber Week, we're bound to see a whole bunch more deals pop up on all kinds of stuff, like this promotion that Amazon is running on any Sonos speakers that are bought from Amazon(not through a reseller on Amazon)where you can get up to $50 in Amazon credit for buying certain speakers. The promotion may be running during Cyber Week, but fear not if you can't pick anything up until next Friday as Amazon is running this Sonos promo through near to the end of December, ending on December 27th. That leaves a lot of time to find the right speaker setup whether it be a gift or a special treat for yourself.


We mentioned "up to" $50 in Amazon credits, and that's because not all Sonos purchases will reward you with the $50 credit amount. They range from $10 to $50 depending on the item that you buy, and probably as one would expect, the higher the cost of the speaker price, the more you'll get in Amazon credit up to the $50 amount. For example, buy the Sonos Boost, and you'll get $10 in Amazon credits. Decide to pick up the Sonos Sub or the Sonos Playbar however, and you'll get the $50 Amazon credit. Take a look at the different offerings and see if anything matches your taste. If you enjoy your music in the home and want the streaming experience to be easier, Sonos is where it's at.

Sonos Amazon Promotion

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