Smart Unlock Offers A Little Taste Of Lollipop's Security Without Lollipop


Perhaps one of the best features of Google's latest version of Android, Android 5.0 (Lollipop), is actually a security feature. That security feature is called 'Smart Lock' and it allows users to set trusted Bluetooth devices such as an Android Wear device. When said trusted Bluetooth devices are in range of your Lollipop device the lockscreen security will be bypassed and you will only have to swipe to unlock your device, when the Bluetooth device moves out of range, the lockscreen security returns. Sounds pretty great doesn't it? Well, now you can get this same feature on any device running Android 4.1 or higher.

An app has hit the Google Play Story called Smart Unlock and it is really something special. The Smart Unlock app allows any device running Android 4.1 or higher set trusted Bluetooth devices that will bypass the lockscreen when in range. Just like in Android Lollipop. Now we are sure that many of you may be saying right now, "this is probably going to require my device to be rooted." Nope, this app requires absolutely no root access. In fact, the developer makes sure that his users know this by putting in the app description, "NO ROOT REQUIRED."

But wait there's more! Not only does Smart Unlock allow you to set trusted Bluetooth devices but it also takes it a step further by letting you do something that Android Lollipop doesn't. It allows you to set trusted Wi-Fi networks. This works just the way you think it does, you choose a trusted Wi-Fi network and when you are in range of said network, your devices lockscreen security will be bypassed. Move outside of the network and your lockscreen security comes back. When you download the Smart Unlock app you will get a 7-day free trial of the app. If you want the full app it will only cost you $0.99, a price that the developer says is a limited time due to the Holidays. This likely means that the price to purchase the full app will go up come next year so if Smart Unlock sounds like an app that you would like to try then we strongly recommend that you lock in that price now by purchasing it.


If you want to try Smart Unlock out for free for 7 days or want to purchase the full app for a dollar then you can do so by clicking the source link below. Something worth noting is that Smart Unlock has two features that are marked as coming soon in the app. Those two features are the ability to have your device lockscreen bypassed via a location or NFC tags. A feature that will definitely make Android Lollipop's stock Smart Lock feature feel a bit primitive.


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