Scotiabank Launches New Quick Balance Smartwatch App for Samsung Gear S, Gear 2 and Gear Live


It is funny how the term 'wearables' is fairly new to our vocabulary, although with the rush of smartwatches to market, it is now being used on a regular basis. A few years ago, we were so excited about the prospect of doing banking with our smartphones – check balances, transfer funds. Then we were able to pay our bills, and even make deposits via the cameras on our smartphones – but now, some of these functions are coming even to our smartwatches!  Never content, we keep raising the bar on what we demand when it comes to convenience…is it really a chore to slide your smartphone out of your pocket to do your banking? Now we only want to look at our wrist.

A recent study we reported on yesterday shows that Canadians are embracing the mobile technology with 40-percent of them having knowledge about the function of wearables. It also revealed that 3-percent of the Canadian population already own a smartwatch. That 4-percent of the population is going to buy one by the end of this year and that 9-percent said that they would be buying a smartwatch within a year. There have been many early adopters of smartwatches in Canada and many ready to make their purchase.

It is no wonder that Jeff Marshall, VP of Self-Service Customer Experience at Scotiabank, announced that they are now offering their new Quick Balance App, which is now available for Samsung's Tizen-powered Gear 2, Gear S, as well as the Android Wear Gear Live and noting other smartwatches will soon be added to the list. He said, "We have seen a definite shift in the way consumers are interacting with our products and services and it is our goal to stay ahead of the curve by developing self-service banking solutions for Canadians, before they know they need them".


While the smartwatch Quick Balance App is limited to checking out your balances, it is fast and convenient – you simply tap the display once and up pops your real-time balance. There is no need to even log-on…no password to remember, just tap and view. You must download the Scotiabank Mobile Banking app to your smartphone and the smartwatch, and then log in on your smartphone, go to settings and turn the Quick Balance feature to ON.  Once your smartwatch is on, you only need to tap for your balance.

Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you will able to take advantage of Scotiabank's smartwatch app and how you like it…as always, we would love to hear from you.

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