Scania Are Surprisingly The Latest Company To Release A Wearable

When you read the title of this article you probably asked yourself one of two questions, who is Scania or what is so surprising abut them releasing a wearable. Both of these questions come about from not knowing who Scania is. You see, it is so surprising that Scania is releasing a wearable because they are a Swedish truck making company. Yes, you read that correctly, Scania makes trucks in Sweden and has now decided to get into the wearables business with their first device.

Another surprising fact about this whole ordeal is that the first wearable that Scania has released is essentially a rebranded Sony SmartWatch 3. The device is called the Scania Watch and it has all of the same specs of the Sony SmartWatch 3, a 1.6-inch 320x320 display, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 420 mAh battery, and even IP69 certification. While the Scania Watch has all of the same specs as the Sony SmartWatch, including running Android Wear, it does have some additions that will appeal to truck drivers.

The Scania Watch has something called Scania FMS Integration, this integrates with your truck and shows you important things such as fuel levels, AdBlue levels, and current average fuel usage. Also included in the Scania Watch is a little something called Driving Support Score which gives truck drivers a score based on their driving behavior. This score is designed to help truck drivers become more efficient drivers. There is also Transport Metrics included in the Scania Watch as well for drivers. This will give drivers simple metrics such as average distance traveled, speed, and current and weekly transports.

All of these features of the Scania Watch make it the perfect wearable device for truck drivers who drive a Scania-made truck. These features along with the great specs of the device make it a very useful and durable wearable. If this device interests you it will cost you about $370, about $100 more than the Sony SmartWatch 3 but you are getting all of the useful software additions which make it worth the extra money. If you want to order the Scania Watch you can do so by clicking here.

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