Samsung Release New Christmas Animated Short Featuring Over Seventy Samsung Devices


Christmas is definitely here. If you were unsure then you only need to head down to the shops and see all the Christmas decorations, promotions and razzmatazz everywhere. Alternatively, you could just flip on the TV and see the numerous Christmas shows and adverts being played continuously. If you are in the UK, then by now all the talk is about the latest John Lewis advert. Well, it seems John Lewis are not the only ones focus on banging out the Christmas adverts this year. In a similar fashion, Samsung also has their own adverts on the go and ready for your holiday cheer.

Now you may be thinking "didn't I see them this morning?' as we did report on Samsung releasing a number of new videos for the holidays to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. However, the latest video to come from Samsung is not quite a product based advert, but instead is far more similar to the John Lewis advert. This new one is certainly full of Christmas cheer and is more of a celebratory video then a selling video.


The new video is an animated story which tells the tale of a young girl's Christmas dream. Strangely the video (and her dream) brings together over seventy Samsung devices including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, the newly released Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung Gear S smartwatch and even the Samsung Curved UHD TV. According to Samsung, it took a team of ten animators to bring the video together. Although even more interestingly, the initial character sketches were created using the S-Pen and the Note 4 (excellent product placing Samsung). Not to mention that there was a further crew of over thirty people on hand for the final shoot which took more than seventeen hours of filming, which in the end was all condensed down into the two minutes and twenty-three second video. Well, if you want to give the video a watch (and I suggest you do) then hit play below and see for yourself, Samsung's take on Christmas. Don't forget afterwards to make sure to leave a comment on what you thought of the video and how many devices you managed to spot.

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