Samsung Release Another Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Video And This One Focuses On ‘Multi-Window’

December 23, 2014 - Written By John Anon

Samsung like to release videos and they especially seem to like releasing videos promoting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We have already seen a whole abundance of videos being released and it seems they are not quite finished yet. A new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 video has just popped up on their YouTube channel and this one promotes and shows users what they can do with their ‘Multi-window’ function. For those not familiar with Samsung devices, then you might not be familiar with Multi-window. This is a great feature offered by Samsung and in many ways is the base of their multi-tasking functions and features. With Multi-window, you can essentially view multiple windows at the same time, similar to how you do on your desktop or laptop computer. If you are new to the topic then you can read a bit more about Multi-window by reading a feature we did at the start of the year,

Back to the new video though. This one is certainly a Christmas themed video and shows a Note 4 owner trying her hardest to get home for Christmas. As such, she is able to check flight times, book hotels and generally manage the situation on-the-go and from here Note 4 with relative ease. The allowing of multi windows, offers the user the ability to do all of these functions at the same time and the video does manage to promote how effective the feature can be. Without wanting to give the end of the video away, you should check out the video for yourself by hitting play below.

It is worth remembering that although we associate multi-tasking and in particular Multi-window with the Galaxy Note range, they are not the only Samsung devices that offer the function. As well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 3 and the Note 2, you can also use the feature on the newer Samsung Galaxy S range devices, including The Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and also the Samsung Galaxy S3. Enough about those devices though. Check out the video below. While you are in the festive mood, you should also check out the Christmas video Samsung released last week. That’s another video worth watching and it is worth noting, over seventy Samsung devices make an appearance. Are you a multi-window user? How do you like it and what do you use it for? Let us know.