Samsung Introduces Limited Edition Galaxy Alpha With Leather Snakeskin Back

December 23, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Alpha, a somewhat cutdown Galaxy S5 on the inside, but a much better device on the outside. Right from the beginning it was clear that Samsung wanted people to think of the Alpha as a more fashionable smartphone, a premium device that did what you wanted it to do while also looking the part, too. While the specs of the device aren’t all that, the Galaxy Alpha is definitely a good-looking device built from some premium materials. That doesn’t seem to have been enough for Samsung though, as they’ve released a Limited Edition of the device covered in snakeskin leather in a number of colors. The good news? These look great. The bad news? They’re for the French market only.

Over at Samsung’s French website, the company details the partnership with Jean-Baptiste Rautureau and Free Lance to create some really nice looking Galaxy Alphas. They start at €649 ($795) and are available in four different styles; Red, Brown, Black and a fetching Blue color. There’s even more bad news for people looking to get their hands on these as they’re only going to be available in 100 units each. Limited, indeed. Other than the fact that these are high-couture names from the fashion industry, there’s little different about these Galaxy Alphas. These are the same 4.7-inch, 720p device that we reviewed a few months back.

It seems to us that this is a targeted marketing campaign from Samsung to drum up some more interest in the Galaxy Alpha and further push the phone’s image as a premium smartphone for the fashionable type. I have to hand it to Samsung here, these are some sharp looking phones and even though the Moto X in leather is more my style, this is the right sort of luxury. Nobody wants to pay upwards of $1,000 for a phone with a Lamborghini logo on it with software from the stone age. Here, Samsung have created devices that are certainly luxurious, yet also reasonably priced. If only they were smart enough to release more than 100 units of each. Take a look at the designs below and a quick video from Samsung.