Samsung Gear VR Out Of Stock At AT&T And Maybe At Samsung Soon


Samsung's Gear VR is certainly making the headlines in the last 24 hours. By now, you probably are acquainted with the Gear VR. If you are not then in short, this is Samsung doing Virtual reality in the form of their very own head-worn unit. The Gear VR did take some time getting here because of various issues noted which needed to be overcome, like the reported overheating. That said, the Gear VR did arrive yesterday when Samsung announced it was now available to buy. To add to this, it was also reported earlier that there was an interesting caveat in the press announcement which was released yesterday which seemed to suggest that a required update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might be required and also might be dependent on network carriers. As such, it was possible that a newly purchased Gear VR might not work directly out of the box.

Well, if you are US based and was planning on picking up the Gear VR soon then you might have already missed it. It seems reports are suggesting that the Gear VR has already sold out online. Now, the reports suggest that the device is no longer available via the official Samsung site. Although, after checking, it does seem that you can currently add the Gear VR to your cart. However, there are no details provided about shipping and as such it is not clear whether it is or is not in stock and shipping via Samsung. That said, AT&T who is also selling the unit in the US, are listing the Gear VR as out of stock online. So either way, it does seem that the device is selling quick enough and is likely to go out of stock anytime soon.


So there you go. The Gear VR did launch yesterday and it does seem that it is either on its way out of stock or already out of stock. If you were planning on picking one up (and especially if you were hoping to get it before Christmas) it is highly suggested you head over to the official Samsung website soon and see if you can checkout. Were you planning on getting the Gear VR? If you were let us know? If you did pick one up then let us know about that too.

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