Samsung Gear VR Now Available To Buy Directly From Samsung For $199.99


It has been a strange year in some respects. Normally, each year brings surprises and unforeseen events but 2014 has certainly been the weirdest in the android world. We now have an abundance of wearable android devices and android for your car. Not to mention we also have a strange Samsung device with a secondary screen running down its edge. However, the most sci-fi of the lot has been the bringing to market of virtual reality (VR) units. These are definitely the most submersible and futuristic devices we have seen hit the market this year and we already have quite a few choices to go with. If money is an issue, then Google's Cardboard provides a good option at the low cost of free. However, if you have some bigger bucks to spend on VR, then you are probably heading for Samsung's Galaxy Gear VR unit.

Back in September, Samsung officially announced their Samsung Galaxy Gear VR and it looked to be rather good. However, there were issues with its development and battery life. Not to mention when the device price was unveiled at $199.99 many thought this might be too much for such a unit. This is especially considering the VR unit is not a standalone unit and requires a smartphone to work. Even more especially, when it was revealed that the VR unit only currently works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which happens to be one of the most expensive devices on the market. That said, it is interesting and has attracted a lot of attention.


Well, if you do own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (or planning to) and feel like spending another $200 then you should know that the Gear VR is now available to purchase. The unit has gone on sale this morning directly from Samsung (source link below). The cost as expected is $199.99 and there are no issues stated on the listing with shipping. As such, it might be safe to assume this will arrive before christmas if you order soon. Of course, if you do not own a Note 4 (or plan to) then there is little point ordering one of these. Unless, of course you want the pleasure of just wearing the unit with no function and pretending you are from the future. Actually, now that I think about it…

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