Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumored to have Curved Display on both sides

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge AH 22

Well here’s a rumor that’s pretty well out there. According to this rumor coming out of HDblog.it, it appears that Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S6, is going to be kinda similar to the Galaxy Note Edge, but instead of one side being curved, both will be curved. Kinda odd right? The Italian site, HDblog is citing “reliable sources” here, so it’s quite a possibility that it could be true, and where they rarely post rumors and leaks of devices, it’s hard to tell whether this is true or not, based on their track record.

We had heard earlier that the Galaxy S6 was going to be available in both the regular Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Then we heard that the Galaxy S6 Edge was cancelled. But now it looks like it might be the same device, which would be interesting, because I’m not sure how well the Galaxy Note Edge sold, and to make that curved display on your only flagship might hurt Samsung, but then again, it’s something different, and if anyone can sell something like that very well, it’d be Samsung.

Also included in this rumor is that the Galaxy S6 would be all aluminum. Not like what we saw in the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge, where it was just the frame, but the entire device is said to be made of aluminum. Which is a pretty big deal for Samsung. And something we’ve been begging from them for a couple of years now. What will be interesting though, is how they design it. As most of you know metal, or aluminum, makes it tougher for signal to get in and out of the device. Not just the cell signal for 3G/4G and Voice, but also Bluetooth, NFC and other signals. Which is why you see those lines on the iPhone 6/6 Plus and the HTC One M8, and why the LG G3 was faux metal.

So there’s the new rumors about the Galaxy S6. Are they going to come true? Who knows. But we’ll likely find out around the end of February or Early March. We are expecting the announcement around Mobile World Congress time, which is the first week of March, and we’ll be there in Barcelona for that one.