Samsung Galaxy S6 Image Turns Out To be A Samsung Galaxy Alpha

December 12, 2014 - Written By John Anon

This morning some very interesting news popped up online. This was an apparently leaked image of Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S6. Up until today, we have heard rumors on the specs of the S6 (codenamed Project Zero) but these were specs and to add to that, we started to hear some conflicting information. As such, an image of the S6 was big news and instantly drew a lot of attention from readers.

If you missed the article then the main points of the story were the new leaked image had two interesting facts. Firstly, the device looks extremely similar to other Samsung devices. This on the face of it might not sound interesting but as this is Project Zero and Samsung intended to build from the bottom up, it is expected we might see more of a newer looking Galaxy S device The second main point from the leaked image was that it contained extremely thin side bezels and much thinner than what we have seen on a Samsung device before. As such we did make a point of saying to you that the image is probably quite unlikely that this is the S6.

Well, the latest on this ongoing story is that it seems it is almost certainly not the S6. In fact, it seems (as you can see in the latest image above) that the previous image is simply a photoshopped version of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha with the side bezels shaved down a bit. If you need any more proof then simply look at the hand and the position of the fingers. They are identical in both images. So there you go. This morning we had a possible first sighting of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and now we do not. So it is now back to the guessing board until we get another glimpse at what might be (or might not be) the hotly anticipated Project Zero. If you want to check out the latest rumored specs that we have on this device then click here. Did you think it was the S6? Did you think it was a fake? Whatever you thought, let us know.