Samsung Galaxy Note Edge UK Shipping Pushed Back Once More

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge AH 3

In September, Samsung unveiled their second flagship device of the year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This was as expected. What was less expected though, was Samsung also released a second Note device, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. This was certainly an interesting device with an (effectively) secondary screen, which runs down the side of the device. After the launch, two more announcements came through. One was the rather high price tag and the second was that the Note Edge was a limited concept device. This meant that only a number of them would be produced.

The Note Edge was a novel device and with such things it is always difficult to know how great demand will be. More so when you factor in an expensive price tag. That said, the Note Edge did land in the market and was released. One of the regions expecting the Note Edge was the UK. Pre-orders for the device in the UK began in the last week of September. Then in November it was announced the Note Edge would go officially on sale in the UK from November 28th. Once this date neared, it began to be reported the Note Edge’s UK shipping was being pushed back until December 12th. Just in time for Christmas, right!

Well, it now seems that (again) as the expected December 12th date approaches, the Note Edge in the UK slips further away once more. The device listing on Samsung’s UK website (source link below) is now listing the shipping date as December 17th. Which means it is unlikely to be in consumers hands earlier than the 18th, possibly even the 19th. That is assuming it will actually begin shipping on the 17th as (now) expected. There is no clear reason as to why the delay keeps occurring in the UK. If you were one of those who did originally pre-order the device and had expected to get this before Christmas, then this probably is the last chance. If by the 17th the Note Edge gets pushed back any further, then it seems unlikely devices will reach customers before the holiday. Did you pre-order the Note Edge in the UK? Have you heard any updates from Samsung on when your device will ship? If you did let us know.