Runtastic Launch ‘Runtastic Butt Trainer’ App To Help Whip That Butt Into Shape

December 4, 2014 - Written By John Anon

Runtastic has certainly been spreading its wings this year. For those that are still new to Runtastic, the business started off as a fitness app. The app allowed users to do everything you would expect from a fitness app including track your steps, set your goals, map workouts and generally monitor your daily activities. Following on from this, the company back in August released a wearable dubbed the Runtastic Orbit Band. Then in October, in keeping up with the tech, Runtastic was almost instantly compatible with Google Fit when Google Fit launched. Similar to how it was also one of the launch apps when Android Wear hit the market. So, up until now, Runtastic had focused on overall improving your health and helping you achieve your goals. It now looks as though, Runtastic are taking their philosophy over to the gym too. Today the company has launched another app. Unlike its predecessor, this one does not focus on your health in general but instead is much more geared towards specific gym goals. The app is going by the name ‘Runtastic Butt Trainer’ and does exactly as the name suggests. Gets that butt into shape.

Runtastic Butt Trainer is designed to help you achieve all the goals you might set for yourself in the gym, but at home, or wherever you may be. The app comes loaded with Angie, a lifelike avatar. Angie is on-hand providing viewable demonstrations of various routines to which you can work out along too. Think of Angie as your personal trainer. In total, there are over 50 HD instructional videos designed to help you tone up all the important lower body parts. There are various routines available as pre-set programmes which once you hit ‘Start Training’ will instantly commence, with brief 30 second intervals between reps. If you find the initial level a little too easy for you then the app offers three different levels of difficulty. If you need a more interactive approach the app also offers a voice coach feature to help guide you through your workout. Not forgetting the voice coach is also available in a bunch of languages. One particularly neat feature is that you can sync a music playlist through the app to play while you do your workout. Although you do need to download Runtastic music player to take advantage of this features. Don’t worry though, the media player is free.

All the workouts on the app are equipment-free routines and as such do not require any special equipment or training. As a result, the app can pretty much be used anywhere from home to the office to the park. If you are so inclined, there is also the benefits of being able to share your routines via various social media outlets. In addition, you can upload your routines to your My Fitness Pal account and sync across devices or create customized workouts. If you use a wearable or other heart rate monitor then this too can be used in conjunction with the app. The app is available today, compatible with most android smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded via the Play Store. So if you have enjoyed the previous Runtastic apps and products then you might want to give the Butt Trainer a go. If you are new to working out, then there has never been a better time to get started. Either way get moving that butt.