Rumor: Nexus 6 Might Be Available Through Verizon December 13th


Since the middle of November, most of the world (and their dogs) have been trying to get hold of the Google Nexus 6. The device is certainly one of the hottest and sought after devices available. Since its launch however, the Nexus 6 has continually and consistently been out of stock. Both Google Play and Motorola seem to offer the unlocked versions of the device periodically, although again it almost always goes straight back out of stock. On the Play Store this normally consists of a Wednesday drip release although the device has randomly popped up as available over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend too. However, again it has almost immediately gone straight back out of stock.

One of the reasons given for the continuous out of stock was there were only limited number of devices available. This was supposedly because the carriers had purchased them all, hoping to tie customers into their respective two-year contracts. Well, if you were hoping to get hold of one and especially if you are a Verizon customer then you may like the current news. It is possibly the Nexus 6 will be in Verizon stores starting December 13th. At present this is only a rumor. In fact, it is currently less than a rumor and more hearsay than anything. A reddit user has took to reddit advising that he has been talking with some of the Verizon employees and they had let slip that the Nexus 6 was due in stores on December 13th.


Now, this should not be taken (at the moment) beyond the fact that it is one person's account. That said, reddit users have been known to be the source of good links in the past and as such it is entirely possible that the Nexus 6 will indeed launch on December 13th. It is worth also noting though, that another reddit user did reply on the post correctly stating that Verizon much preferred to release their devices on a Thursday over a Saturday. As December 13th is in fact a Saturday, this further could cast doubt on the rumor. So take from this what you want. December 13th might be the launch date of the Nexus 6 on Verizon. Alternatively, as we previously reported you could just buy an unlocked version and use your Verizon SIM card without too much trouble. What do you reckon? December 13th?

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