Ported PS4 Remote Play App Will Now Apparently Work On Non Supported Devices Without Root

Whether you have a compatible device or not, you have to admit that Sony's PS4 Remote Play feature is pretty slick. The only downside for the most part is, that you could really only use it properly if you owned one of the compatible Sony Xperia devices that Sony had listed would support the feature to mirror the PS4 screen to your display so you could play anywhere in the house. This is a great feature if the TV gets tied up and all you want to do is level up a couple more times in Dragon Age Inquisition. With many people on non-supported devices however they were left without a way to play their PS4 games remotely.

There were previous methods of getting the Remote Play for PS4 app to install and work on a non Sony phone that wasn't supported prior to now, but those methods all required you to have a rooted device and even then it wasn't guaranteed to work properly or at all, with some users reporting either issues with audio or just plain not being able to connect the app to their console to allow the feature to stream games. While there is still no guarantee that this feature will work for your device, thanks to some developers on XDA this new apk download at least seems to get rid of the root requirement detail from before. If you have a Playstation 4 console and are running a device like the LG G3 or another top tier flagship, try it out and see if it works for you.

The method is pretty straight forward. You have to download the  RemotePlayPortV0.6.1.apk, and then optionally you can also download the apk file for Dual Shock manager. The devs also state in the original thread that the Root status is optional, so things should work fine for you. You can head to the original XDA thread to download the needed files, and once you have them downloaded onto your device,(make sure to download the remote play apk and install it prior to downloading the Dual Shock manager apk)simply move the Dual Shock manager apk into /system/app and then change the permissions to RW -R -R. After that it's a simple reboot of your device and you should be on your way to playing PS4 games remotely regardless of the device type you have.

Other known issues I personally came in contact with on my Nexus 4 when I tried this with an older method was the lack of capability to get the Dual Shock 4 controller connected so I didn't have to use the touch screen controls, but that didn't matter since I couldn't the app to work anyways. It should be noted that since you need to change permissions for the Dual Shock manager application file, you probably need root for that particular part of it. For the Remote Play app itself however you shouldn't need root, but then you might be limited to using the on-screen touch controls that Sony had developed. If you try this out let us know how things go. The devs of this app port also recommend that you have a 5GHz router for things to play smoothly, and I don't necessarily disagree with that as I don't have one, and Remote Play isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be with more often disconnects than I'd like.

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