Play Store Offering A Free Movie To US and UK Residents Today


With Christmas approaching it is the season of gift giving and Google is no exception. The search giant has been on the give for a few weeks now. Back in October Google decided for one day to give away the new Sandra Bullock blockbuster 'Gravity' for free to Play Store users. However, it did seem that not all users were receiving this offer. Instead, it seemed Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5 owners were the main recipients. Following on from this, Google also last week decided to give the original X-Men movie from 2000 to Chromecast owners. Well, it seems it is free movie time again today although this time it looks like everyone is included in the offer.

Yes, regardless of what device you are running it seems Google is offering a free movie for you to take home for the holidays. That is as long as you are based in either the US or the UK. If you are US based then you can grab a copy of Lord Of The Rings (The Fellowship of the ring) for free. The movie is in HD and is normally priced at $12.99. So not bad, all in all, for free. If you are UK based then you should know that you are not being offered Lord Of The RIngs but instead can grab a free HD copy of Sherlock Holmes. Just for clarification this is the Hollywood version with Robert Downey Jr and not the great Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock show. Either way though, again this is probably worth picking up as a freebie.


If you are UK or US based and want to grab your free movie then simply head over to Google Play Store. You should automatically see the free movie listed on the main page as a 'Free Gift'. Hit the movie, hit buy (make sure it says zero as the cost) and you are good to go. It will be added to your movie collection and yours forever. It is also worth noting that the free movie seems to be available on both the desktop Play Store, as well as the mobile. So it does not matter which way you head over there. As for the rest of the world, there are no details at the moment as to what (if anything) you are being offered. Either way, it is probably worth heading over to your local Play Store and seeing if anything is on offer. If there is something on your Play Store then make sure to leave a message and let other readers know what they can get.

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