Pink Blotches Continue Showing Up When Taking Photos For Some Sony Xperia Z3 Owners

It seems that every single smartphone has some tiny little drawbacks or quirks for some users. For OnePlus One owners (mind you this is only some and not all) it was the yellow banding issue. For me personally on my Nexus 4(after about a year)there was a yellow blotchy tint in the bottom left corner of the display, and as of just a couple months ago it has been pink blotches appearing in some of the photos people have been taking with their Sony Xperia Z3. Being a fresh Sony Xperia Z3 owner, I can say confidently that this isn't happening to the pictures I take, but it is happening for some people and it would appear that the issue is still persisting for some owners of the Xperia Z3 and the Xperia Z3 Compact.

This was brought to our attention by Phone Arena, who had a reader send in images of proof on the pink spots in their photos, along with a description of the problem to the best of their knowledge of when they do and don't appear. According to the individual who sent in the photo below, the pink only seemed to show up when taking photos inside, and usually only when taking photos of objects that tend to be pretty much the same color. In the example image below the photo was taken of the person's couch cushion which is all a sort of dark blue color.

While factory resetting the device doesn't seem to fix the problem, Sony had apparently mentioned that the pink blotches could be fixed by adjusting the white balance up or down. As Phone Arena points out, this results in the color reproduction of the photo coming back less accurate and thus giving the user back a lower quality image that still just doesn't look quite right. Sony states that the issue lies with sensor and lens, explaining that the sensor has an issue with color temperature and that the diameter of the lens has a part to play. For a device which is highly regarded as having some of the best smartphone picture quality of any top flagship, this is certainly a less than desirable issue. Are you having this problem show up when you take pictures with your Sony Xperia Z3?

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