Oppo Reveals Camera Lens Attachment Called The O-Lens With 10x Optical Zoom And Anti-Shake

Smartphone cameras are much better than in recent years, and they're only poised to increase in performance and quality, making the smartphone even more useful for your everyday image needs. Some OEM's are even coming out with camera lens attachments that you can sync up to your phone via Bluetooth and NFC extending the power and performance of the camera even more while remaining nearly as portable. The Sony QX100 is one great example of this, and now Oppo is coming out with their own smartphone attachable camera lens which is due to be released sometime in 2015.

Oppo is calling it the "O-Lens" camera accessory and it was just unveiled earlier this morning in a press conference in Taiwan. This particular device attaches to the phone via NFC but no Bluetooth, and instead adds the option of connecting to your phone via WiFi. So when you're at home or connected to a local WiFi hotspot you could use WiFi as the connection to your phone for taking pictures, and when you're out and about it could stay connected via NFC, although with the security risks at WiFi hotspots NFC is probably the better choice at all times unless you're connected to a trusted network.

The O Lens packs a 10x optical zoom, and it's sporting an anti-shake feature to help stabilize photos so they don't come out looking blurred. It also has a shutter button for capturing your photos, just in case you don't want to mess with tapping the capture button on the screen within the camera interface. It also has a microSD card slot for storage of pictures right on the device if you need it. Like the recent offering from HTC with the Re camera, the Oppo O Lens can be mounted to a tripod for use while connected to a device via NFC so the phone could be used as the remote control for the shutter and camera management. This allows for you to still get some great quality shots even if you aren't able to stand directly behind the lens, something that might be extremely useful at sporting events where you could set this up closer to the field or the court and then return to your seat and control everything from there, or, if you want to be in the picture yourself. There isn't a price listed on the Oppo O Lens yet, but details on the price could show up soon as CES is just next week and when we might expect to see or hear about the price reveal there. We wouldn't be surprised to see this come in at under $300 though. What do you think of the Oppo O Lens?

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