Oppo Expected To Ship 50 Million Smartphones In 2015 Aided By Sub-$160 Market


Oppo is one of those companies you have heard a lot about this year. That is because they are greatly on the rise and following in the footsteps of the (now) mighty Xiaomi and Huawei. Oppo is another one of these Chinese OEMs who literally seem unstoppable in both their ambitions and sales. In fact, like the other big Chinese OEMs, Oppo are also not only concerned with making cheap handsets with decent specs. It was only this morning that we reported on Oppo and their imminent release of their new camera lens for smartphones, dubbed the Oppo O-Lens. Well, as the new year rolls around the reports are coming in as to what Oppo is ambitiously seeking for next year.

The current news is that Oppo are expecting to ship 50 million smartphones in 2015. That sounds like a real big number for a company a lot of people (outside of China) won't of heard of. However, the current units sold for 2014 for Oppo already stand at an impressive 25-30 million. With that in mind, it is realistic that the newly touted 50 million figure can be reached. You might be wondering how a company who are not so widely known (outside of China) can manage to ship 50 million (or even 35 million) devices and that is understandable. Although, it is that domestic market in China which is what is expected to drive the sales so massively next year. For instance, according to the predictions, Oppo are expecting to sell 35 million units in China alone next year. Meaning the remaining 15 million units are expected to be what sells outside of China,


What is more, is that Oppo seem very focused on where their future growth will emerge from. The same sources in Asia are highly suggesting that one of Oppo's main focuses next year will be on the sub $160 device range. This is best thought of as Android One market which the Chinese startup is hoping to take on. Oppo are hoping to take on both high and low markets effectively by incorporating Qualcomm processors in the higher market devices and the MediaTek offerings in their lower end devices. So what do you think about Oppo's ambitions? Will Oppo be one of the companies you are planning on buying next year? Let us know.

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