OnePlus Temporarily Banned In India From Marketing, Selling & Shipping The OnePlus One

OnePlus One logo camera 2

OnePlus is premium news at the moment. It almost seems that no more than a few hours can pass before another OnePlus or OnePlus One story hits the headlines. The last thirty-six hours have been preoccupied with the news that OnePlus are due to make some kind of announcement tomorrow. However, that story will have to go on hold for the moment as the current news is far more interesting and taking us back to the OnePlus/Cyanogen/Micromax saga.

Reports (source link below) are now coming in suggesting that OnePlus have been banned from marketing, selling and shipping its devices in India. The reports are very early at the moment, but it seems the Delhi High Court has temporarily banned OnePlus from pretty much advertising their devices in any respect in the country, if they contain the Cyanogen branding. The injunction (which was brought to the court by Micromax) was granted due to OnePlus infringing on “the ambient services and application distribution agreement” which OnePlus signed with Cyanogen. As a result, the injunction prohibits OnePlus from shipping any Ones or marketing them in India from Tuesday (today). One positive for OnePlus is that the court did grant the Chinese startup permission to continue to sell its remaining imported stock. To be clear though, this just allows OnePlus to clear the current stock and presumably due to its already arranged arrangement with Amazon.

As mentioned, the details are rather limited at the moment and there is no current information on how long the ban is for, or whether OnePlus intend to appeal the decision. It is being reported that the court did add that OnePlus could seek damages from Cyanogen, although this would have to be fought in a California court. It is worth remembering that Micromax are planning to launch their Yu brand (which is the basis of all the infringement issues) on December 18th so it maybe that OnePlus are only banned for the remaining couple of days. Either way though, the news can only highlight a further strained relationship between OnePlus and Cyanogen. What do you think of the latest news? Who’s side are you on? Let us know.