OnePlus Respond And Reject Recent Gorilla Glass Rumors

OnePlus news is in abundance recently. There has been the news that the OnePlus One is finally landing in India. This also brought the news about a possible bust up between the software developers Cyanogen and OnePlus. As a result, news emerged yesterday with a response on the matter from Cyanogen. If all that was not enough to satisfy your OnePlus fix then this morning, OnePlus addressed the issue from last week about refurbished units being sold as new. In fact, OnePlus did not just denied these rumors but instead flat out proved their innocence and it looks like they are not stopping there.

While battling the refurbished claims, another new story emerged yesterday from the OnePlus forums. This was to do with a OnePlus member who (very eloquently) asked OnePlus do they indeed use Gorilla Glass on their displays. This was because a number of users had complained about issues with their screens and as such it had started to be thought that OnePlus were maybe lying (or mistaken) about this. Well, OnePlus again on the defense, decided to address this issue head-on with another statement (source link below). This one (like the previous) was designed to squash the rumor and reassure users that they do use Gorilla Glass. One of the arguments by the original member was that OnePlus are not listed on the Corning (makers of Gorillas Glass) list of partners. OnePlus addressed this issue by revealing that they buy the displays (including screens) as a whole unit from TPK. As a result they are not a direct client of Corning and would not show up on the list. This is probably evidence enough of the Gorilla Glass query as TPK is actually listed on the corning partner list. OnePlus even went so far as to include a spec diagram of their screen (shown below).

So there you go. OnePlus have been under attack recently and they seem very actively trying to squash these rumors and suggestions. In fairness, they seem to be doing a very good job of it too. As actively as they have been attacked, they have responded equally actively in defending themselves. The day is not over yet, so we will see what else emerges from them today. Are you a One user? Does this reassure you about the Gorilla Glass question? Let us know.

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