OnePlus Release A teaser Ad For Tomorrow's Announcement


OnePlus and their flagship killer have been all over the news recently. A lot of the news has been about the supposed fall out with their software company, Cyanogen. However over the last couple of hours and days the news has been somewhat different and more positive. You see, OnePlus recently announced that tomorrow (December 17th) they will be making some kind of a big announcement.

At first this did not seem like the biggest news out there although within hours leaked images came out about a rumored new OnePlus One mini variant. This sent the rumor mill into overdrive with a lot of people believing tomorrow's announcement will be the launch of this new smaller One Plus device. This was highly unlikely. Either way and to keep you up-to-date, since the rumored leaked images, OnePlus have sent out another teaser advert for tomorrow's announcement. The image below shows the latest advert and in all honestly does not suggest anything about a new device on its way. You would expect a teaser advert to actually tease the idea of a new device (or variant) and especially after it had been apparently leaked that morning. instead the new advert is much more in line with maybe some form of accessory, case or battery like product. You can see the image what looks like four LED colored lights which does add to the possible LED case or battery accessory theory.


Furthermore, along with the advert which went live on the One Plus Google+ post there was also a small blurb description which read "Need a reason to be excited for tomorrow? We've got 10,000". Again, this further highlights that it is unlikely to be a new device as the number is probably quite low for this. Of course, the tagline could be simply ten thousand invites to give away or ten thousand One's to suddenly sell but again this does not ring true with the visual of the advert. Not to mention that the advert also clearly states "Go Further' which again rings truer with the idea of a battery extender of some sort. But what do you think? What will be announced tomorrow? leave a comment and let us know.


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