OnePlus Investigate And Respond To 'Refurbished' OnePlus One Claims


OnePlus have had their fair share of concerns in recent times. Although it seemed to hit a new low last week, when users started reporting that they believed they had been shipped refurbished units as new. The users in question believed their units to be refurbished because of some minor imperfections noted when unboxing. OnePlus did briefly provide a response to the situation at the time, although this was just a rather basic denial that they do not refurbish devices, let alone sell refurbished device. Today OnePlus looked to set the story completely straight by proving that the cases in question were not refurbished units. In fact, OnePlus addressed each of the cases individually.

According to OnePlus, there were seven cases in total. Of these, OnePlus found only two to be of a significant issue. Four of the others were accidental minor issues like the box no longer factory sealed (during shipping), dust on screen, user's comments taking out of context and an incorrectly installed OS. For the last of the seven, OnePlus noted that they currently have not had a response from the customer to their questions but were sure (like the rest) it was not a refurbished unit. Of the two more 'serious cases' OnePlus also explained why the customers might have 'thought' they were refurbished. If you read our report last week you will remember the user who reported an image still on the phone when they received the device. According to OnePlus they investigated this and found the person who actually took the original photo. The photo-taker confirmed that not only has he never owned a OnePlus One but the picture taken was on a Xiaomi device, which actually asks answers more questions than it answers. Either way though, the confirmation should put to rest the notion that it was a refurbished unit. To further add weight to the OnePlus response, they also advised of the short history of the device. Mainly, that it was manufactured on the 14th July 2014 and shipped to customer on July 20th 2014. Of the other significant issue, the user apparently found what they thought to be a screen protector on the device. OnePlus quickly squashed this claim too advising that for a short period they did double cover the screen with a plastic film. Although, after a while felt that the doubling did not provide any additional protection and stopped the process.


So there you go. Customers asked and OnePlus did actually respond. It seems OnePlus does not in fact ship refurbished units. You can read their response in full by clicking here. If you think you have a refurbished unit then let OnePlus know. It seems they will investigate.

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