With New Years Eve Upon Us, Here's How You Can Potentially Avoid Uber Surge Pricing

New Year's Eve is always a big celebration especially in bigger, busier, bustling cities with tons to do and loads of places to go out and have a good time while ringing in the new year. Thanks to upstarts and services like Uber and Lyft, there will be plenty of people that are able to go out and celebrate without having to set foot behind the wheel this holiday, which ultimately, is a good thing so everyone stays safer. The only downside for Uber users, is that at times like these(and by that we mean busy holidays where people are sure to be using Uber quite a bit more)Uber introduces surge pricing to account for the high demand and low supply of drivers in contrast to the number of customers who need a lift to their destination.

While Business Insider points out a great app that can do the work for you in helping you avoid surge pricing, called Surge Protector, the app is unfortunately only for iOS. It does however work off of a simple principle that you can initiate all on your own without an app. Surge Protector works by finding the nearest Uber location to you without surge pricing, which in bigger cities can be as little as a few blocks away. You can simply search for yourself by walking a few extra blocks before you attempt to look for an Uber ride, which we know makes a little extra work for you if you're trying to save a few bucks, but it might be worth it to avoid the fees.

The idea here is that if you live in a downtown area or somewhere else where Uber rides are frequently being used, you can travel by foot to attempt to avoid these surge pricing fees, and any extra savings is always a good thing. There is no guarantee that walking a few blocks away from where you live will result in finding a lower Uber fare, but it's worth a shot especially if you live in a large, populated city like Portland, Seattle or San Francisco. We might even recommend to check the pricing where you live and compare it to a few blocks away so you can see the difference, if any. You can also try using an application called Flywheel, which is basically like Uber, but for regular cabs as the company has partnered with local cab services to provide the same type of requested ride share, and with no surge pricing. There's a chance you might find cheaper prices than what Uber offers, and best of all, they have an app on the Play Store. Lastly, you could always try your chances with Lyft, which is just as good for a ride share service as Uber and they also don't introduce surge pricing. From the team at Android Headlines, we hope all our readers have a wonderful New Years Eve and a safe and happy holiday, and we'll see you in the new year.

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