Narrate is Here to Fulfill All Your Material Design Journaling Needs


Looking for a new journal to replace that ratty old one you've been using for years now?  How about getting one that doesn't require you to lug another thing around every time you want to write about something, and better yet backs itself up to some of the most popular cloud drives out there?  Narrate is the app you've been looking for and it's here with a gorgeous Material Design compliant user interface, along with lots of great features to richly and neatly organize all your entries in one easy to find place.  Narrate's UI is full of Material Design inspirations from the big red compose button on the main screen to the colored status bar at the top, and all the icons and white space inbetween.

Narrate isn't just a pretty face either, it's super feature rich and is right up there with the best Journaling apps you can find.  Full markdown support can be found in Narrate as well as tags to easily categorize places you've been, things you're doing or how you're feeling at the time.  You can add a header image to each journaling entry so if you're journaling in a park that day maybe include a nice picture of where you're sitting just to remember the moment.  Additional picture support will be added in a future update too so you can add more visually rich elements to your journaling experience instead of just words.


Heavy Google Now users will be pleased that the "Note to Self" functionality is fully integrated into Narrate. If you need to make a note but can't get to your phone, say while driving or something similar, saying 'OK Google, note to self' followed by your thought will add the entry to Narrate automatically. You can even view a fantastically designed calendar that shows when you wrote, or if you'd rather see where you've been writing there's Google Maps integration that gives you pinpoint locations of each of your journal entries. Narrate Pro gives you access to backup via Google Drive, Dropbox and Day One, the ability to set multiple reminders for each entry and even early access to new beta versions before they're launched for everyone else.  Check out the Google Play Store link below to try it out for yourself!

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