MVNO Ting To Offer GSM Service Beginning In February Of 2015

AH TingMobile

Ting, the Mobile Virtual Network Operator that runs on Sprint’s network, is getting ready to open up their business to a flood of new customers. They announced on Tuesday that they will soon be partnering with GSM network, which they have not named, to offer GSM coverage alongside their current CDMA offering. This move puts Ting in a position to offer new phones and make their service and plans available to more customers. “In short, when Ting on GSM is live in February 2015, there will be no more waiting for the latest iPhone or Android device to be allowed on Ting. If it can be purchased unlocked, or if it can be carrier unlocked, it can come. What’s more, better than 80% of smartphones made in the last couple of years will be compatible with Ting. That will include the unlocked iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus,” they said in their blog post announcing the addition.

Ting is rolling out this new GSM offering in February of 2015, probably on T-Mobile’s network. They will still be offering plans and service that operates on Sprint’s network. You’ll decide which network to use based on the type of phone you buy or bring to Ting. You’ll be able to bring any unlocked GSM phone to them and use it just by purchasing a SIM card. Ting has plans that that start at $9 per month. This only gets you basic data access and 100 minutes, but it’s dirt cheap. Ting caters to light users that don’t want to spend a lot. They don’t have any sort of unlimited plan, for minutes or data.

Ting is owned by the Canadian internet service company Tucows. They obviously don’t want to be stuck on Sprint’s network, only offering phones that are compatible with Sprint. Starting in February of next year, Ting will be a little more appealing, especially for users who know how much data and how many minutes they use each month. You can save some serious cash with Ting, and soon you’ll be able to do it on a GSM (T-Mobile) network.