Microsoft Releases New Android Apps Including Apps For News And Health & Fitness

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Microsoft may be focused on building their own Windows Phone platform, but that doesn’t mean they are ignoring Android. The Redmond, Washington company released an entire suite of new MSN apps for Android today. There are six in total, including a new MSN Weather app, Sports, Food & Drink, Money, Health & Fitness, and News. These apps are in addition to the Microsoft apps that are already listed in the Play Store.

The MSN Weather app is just that. You get basic weather app that will provide you with current conditions and temperature, a 10-day forecast, a radar view, and a listing of historical weather data. Nothing too special, but these apps are laid out in Microsoft’s current design language and are actually really slick looking. The MSN Sports app features more than 200 sports news feeds that pull data into the app for you. You can see live scoring updates and pull data from more than 150 sports leagues. The MSN Food & Drink app pulls in articles and videos from sources that provide high-quality culinary content. There’s even a wine guide and built-in shopping list feature. The MSN Money app has financial news, stock news, and other financial tools. MSN Health & Fitness will let you view and track your fitness goals, diet plans, see health news, and it has a cool interactive map of your body. MSN News features feeds from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, among many others, and will gather all your news into one app. You can download them all by clicking here.

Microsoft’s apps are quality ones. Their Windows Phone ecosystem, on the other hand, seems to be on the road to failure. Few users, fewer quality apps, and an overall lack of attention from consumers has left the platform out in the cold. That doesn’t mean that the company isn’t making good apps, though. Hit the link above to check out the apps and see what they have to offer. You could very well find something that you like.