LG G3 Owner Tells Of LG G3 Exploding On Bed While Charging And Posts Images


Every now and again a horror story pops up at about an electronics device suddenly exploding, causing damage and always for no obvious or foreseen reason. Some users take these stories as proof of the poor build quality of the named device, while others typically assume the reporter must have been using a cheap third party accessory or cable. In all honestly, these cases are extremely rare and do not ever represent the device as a whole. That said, users seem interested to know when these instances occur.

For instance, back in August of this year, reports came in that a OnePlus One had suddenly exploded in a user's pocket while they were out and about. Following on from this, back in September of this year, a report began to emerge that a Samsung tablet had suddenly exploded in the hands of a nine year old in the US. This one in particular attracted a lot of attention and even made the local news. Well, as Christmas approaches and for all those with an LG G3 on their wishlist, it looks like this is the next device making the exploding news


A reddit user has reported that an LG G3 belonging to his little sister suddenly exploded while on her bed. The device was not being in-hand used by the sister although in the images the device does look to be on charge during the incident and it does seem as though headphones are plugged into the socket. The reddit user posted the images (shown below) to highlight what happened to the device as well as the burns the device left on the bed. From the images (and the report) it seems it was the battery in particular that caused the problems and resulted in catching on fire. The user has stated that they have reported the issue to LG and also did make it clear in an update to other reddit comments, that the battery was not a third party product. You can read the full reddit listing by clicking the source link below. Do you currently own the LG G3? Noticed any issues with the device or overheating? Let us know.

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