LG G3 CyanogenMod Nightly Now Available For AT&T Variant


Last week it was reported that the LG G3 had received its first official CyanogenMod (CM) update become available. However, this was only for the Verizon version of the LG G3. After reading some of your comments and feedback on this, it seems users were a little surprised that Verizon were the first to get the CM ROM port. This is understandable, although it is not too surprising. ROM's are not generally built and released on a pre-fixed or preferential order. Instead, it is usually based on what devices are at hand. If the developers were using a Verizon LG G3 then this is what would get the update first.

Anyway, for those of you on AT&T with the LG G3, you might have been a little upset about this. However, it now seems it is your turn to get an official CM treatment. You see, once one rolls out, it normally does not take long for other variants to follow. Yes, CM for the LG G3 on AT&T (D850) has now gone live. At the moment, there is only the one version and it is worth noting that this is a 'nightly' version. For those experienced in flashing, you know what this means. For those new to the area, then nightlies are typically experimental versions which are not considered 'stable'. That does not mean there is anything wrong with the port, but it does mean we should expect to see bugs. That said, if you are interesting in giving this one a go then click the source link below to head over to the relevant download page.


On a side note, and for those interested in why it has taken the LG G3 so long to get CyanogenMod. Well, this was largely due to LG. The South Korean tech company locked the bootloader on literally all versions of the LG G3 (with the exception of T-Mobile) and as such it took developers some time to bypass this. Do remember if you are planning to give the ROM a go, then things can go wrong. The only way to really protect yourself is to backup. It might be boring, but it is protection. Use it and flash safe.

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