LG G Watch R On Android 5.0.1 Screenshots Not Perfect But There Might Be A Fix


Last week there were a number of updates sent out by Google. If you were following the news then you would have heard of the Android 5.0 Lollipop updates rolling out to Nexus devices. Around about the same time, there was also the news that the Android Wear Lollipop update was also landing. This was bringing Android 5.0.1 (Lollipop) to all main Android Wear devices. If you missed the update and still have not received the update OTA then you can sideload the update yourself. If you want to give this a go, then click here to see our roundup of the updates currently available.

One of the Android Wear devices which was included in the update list was the LG G Watch R. And one of the features which was introduced on Android 5.0.1 was the ability to take screenshots with a Wear device. However, it seems taking a screenshot on the LG G Watch R, after updating has its problems. You can see in the image below that screenshots on the G Watch R seem to cut off a portion of the upper right screen. Now, this is not a massive deal and besides this small section, the image is otherwise OK. Chances are in a future update this will be rectified.


That said, if you do want a perfect looking screenshot from your G Watch R sooner rather than later, then it does seem that there is a way to improve the quality of the screenshot. This does not seem to totally eradicate the problem but does seem to be improving the issue. It seems the trick is to wait a little longer before hitting the 'Take Wearable Screenshot' link. Instead of hitting the link immediately after the menu pops up, you should wait a few seconds before pressing. For some reason, this seems to improve the overall quality of the screenshot. Do you own an LG G Watch R? Have you updated and if so, have you been noticing this issue? If you do, then give this method of waiting a few seconds before taking the picture. Don't forget to let us know if it works.


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