LG Files In The G Pen Trademark; S Pen Alternative Is On The Way?

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Samsung and LG are Korea’s biggest smartphone OEMs and one of the biggest tech companies in the world. LG was really Samsung-inspired, to put it nicely, in the past, but the company took a somewhat different turn a while back, which was a smart move by this company. Samsung is currently experiencing significant drops in profit while LG has had an immensely successful year thus far, as far as finances go, they did much better than expected. Still, these companies have a bunch of similar products out on the market, even though LG took a somewhat different approach to design, both regarding the hardware and software.

Galaxy Note line is one of Samsung’s crown jewels which always sells and usually brings the best experience on Samsung’s Android skin along with a bunch of usability features, as well as Samsung’s stylus called S Pen. This stylus got better and better with each iteration of Note phablets and it’s an extremely useful accessory at the moment. Well, it seems like LG came up with something similar. LG filed a trademark application for a “G Pen”, which sounds like a stylus, I have no idea what else could it be. LG already released a couple of stylus-oriented handsets, like the G3 Stylus, for example, which is also the last in line. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any specific information when it comes to this accessory, but I really don’t see what else, besides a stylus, could it be.

This will probably be LG’s way to compete with the Note series, considering the G3 Stylus is nowhere near the Note series nor does it bring anything that significant to the table. Does this mean LG will also release a new phablet to go with this accessory in the near future? Well, quite probably, though who knows when will that happen. Keep in mind that LG also filed a trademark application for “G Scrawl”, which might be a software feature of some kind which will be used with the G Pen. Let’s see what LG has to bring to the table. Do you think LG will be able to compete with Samsung’s Note line?

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