Learn how to Develop for Android with this Android App Programming Course, Just $19

December 4, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Over on the Android Headlines Deals store, we do more then just sell you hardware. There’s also a ton of software bundles available as well. One of those is the “Learn & Master The Fundamentals Of Android Programming”, which essentially teaches you the basics in getting started to build Android apps. It’s currently on sale for just $19, while it’s normal price is $99. So that’s a nice 80% discount right there. It has over 105 lectures with nine and a half hours of content. You’ll also learn the skills required to build apps for Android without any programming knowledge. The course is highly detailed, and will cover everything you need to know. And when you’re finished, you’ll get a certificate of completion. Sounds easy enough right?

You can buy the “Learn & Master the Fundamentals of Android Programming” course on the Android Headlines Deals Store. Also check out the many other deals available on the store.