With Its Latest Update, Netflix Now Lets You Control Movies and TV Shows from Your Wrist



While Frank Underwood, Francis to us, would be displeased concerning Netflix's overall progress updating their Android app, we're pretty sure he'd approve of this latest update. Android Wear owners will know how easy it can be to control media from your wrist, with Google Play Music offering some pretty decent controls, and Chromecast controls even translate onto your wrist as well. Now Netflix is getting in on the act and in their latest update, you can control your movies and TV right from your Android Wear watch.


The update as a whole is more about social recommendations, a feature that's been available elsewhere for quite some time now. Through Facebook, this allows you to recommend series and movies to certain people. This allows you to get that one friend you know that still hasn't seen Breaking Bad to get in on the action without everyone else on Facebook knowing they're so far out of touch. Elsewhere though, Netflix has given Android users some exclusive features, like the Android Wear support above. This includes rich push notifications, that allow you to thank a friend for a recommendation, watch it right away or hit the info button to get more of a feel for the show.

It's taken longer than many of us would have liked to get this update available on Android, but at least it's finally here. Not only that, but we can now watch those Sci-Fi movies using our watches to play and pause the action, which is bound to be good fun when friends and family that have no idea when it comes to technology come over this Holiday. Are you likely to use the Android Wear controls when watching something on Netflix, or is it just a step too far? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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