Intel Simplifies The Process For File Transfers To Chromebooks With 'Intel Easy Migration'

With so many wonderful different OS platforms out there from mobile to computers, there is really only one downside and that's the file transferring process. This isn't always the case though, and Intel has done what they can to make things easy for users who need to transfer and move files over to a Chromebook from other platforms like Windows, Android or iOS, using their application called Intel Easy Migration for Chromebooks powered by Intel chips. If you own a Chromebook things can actually be quite easy if you're already storing the majority of your files within Google Drive, but for those that don't use Drive as often and have plenty of their important files stored locally on hard drive storage, this app could be just what you need.

The beauty of Intel's 'Easy Migration' app is that even if you don't already use Google Drive to store your stuff, after using this app you will, which is what makes using it so easy for file transfers. Intel Easy Migration allows you to sync your files with Drive by uploading the selected files you want, after you sign in to the app with your Google account. After that part is done you can probably guess where to go from there. Simply sign into your Chromebook and then within a matter of minutes(maybe longer depending on how many files your uploading)you can enter Drive and all your stuff should be there available to download whenever you need it.

The app can be downloaded onto Android or iOS devices and on Windows based PC's so no matter where you need to pull files from the app should make things as simple as possible. The app offers two different sync options, one with a little more control on what transfers over which is the custom option, and one that attempts to make the transfer process as fast as possible which is the quick sync option. Intel Easy Migration even lets you see how much Drive storage space you have left so you don't need to double check Drive before you start a transfer. Although it does work with iOS devices it doesn't transfer as many file types as it does with Windows and Android. iOS will let you transfer photos, videos, and contacts, while you can transfer photos, videos, contacts, files and bookmarks from a Windows machine or Android device. You can download Intel Easy Migration for Windows here, and the Android and iOS apps can be download from their respective app stores. You'll also need to make sure the Easy Migration browser extension is installed on your Chromebook.

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