Import Listing Shows That Samsung Could Have The Galaxy Tab 4 Lite In The Works


Tablets may be starting to shift towards a slightly larger screen size, but 7-inch tablets are still very much in the picture and if any manufacturer is going to keep making them, even if it only ended up being one a year, it's Samsung. With that said, they seem to be working on a brand new tablet as the SM-T116 has just appeared earlier this morning on the Indian Import/Export website Zauba, which points to the possibility that this could be Samsung's Galaxy Tab 4 Lite in the process of development. The Tab Lite series of tablets from Samsung are budget tablets, so don't expect this to take the place of something like the Galaxy Tab S, but if you're someone in the market for a tablet that puts a little less strain on the pocket book, this is potentially one to watch.

As pointed out by Pocket Now, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite was listed with a model number of SM-T110 and SM-T111, so logically it only stands to reason that this could be their next generation of the Galaxy Tab Lite device. Right now since this is only an import listing stating that the tablet is appearing in the region for testing, the device is probably not just around the corner and as such we have no exact details on pricing info or specifications.


The suspected price though could be looking to hit the market around the $100 mark, although that is also in no way confirmed so merely keep that price in mind as a possible option. If this budget tablet ends up launching with that low of a price though, expect there to be some features or specs given up to offer a device at such a low cost. Likely a low resolution back camera(which shouldn't matter too much because who takes pictures with their tablet camera anyways)less storage space and likely an entry level and possibly low powered processor and at most 1GB of RAM. Would you purchase a Galaxy Tab 4 Lite if it were released for around $100? Do you think $100 is too low for a tablet device and does it give up too much for the trade off of saving the consumer money?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Lite import listing

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