HTC's Big 3 Devices for 2015 Leaked by @upleaks

HTC is regularly pretty good at keeping non-Nexus leaks to a minimum, but this evening, our friendly neighborhood HTC leaker @upleaks shared a document, or a screenshot of one, with the folks on Twitter.  We as Android fans are gladly accepting this, and we at Android Headlines are taking this with the usual grain of salt, with a shaker at the ready.  Now, this is all speculation, and it's all also based on a series of tweet-leaks from @upleaks, who has been more than happy to share HTC pre-launch details with us since the weeks before the HTC Desire 510, and was pretty spot on with it at the time.  Let's get started with this, then, shall we?

First, is the new head flagship device.  The line has been the M-family of devices, the M7 from 2013 and the M8 from this year, will reportedly be starting over with a new codenamed device called 'Hima'.  Now, let's look into the name a bit before moving on, shall we?  If you don't want to, then skip to the next paragraph; we won't judge or be upset.  The word could mean two things, from our quick set of searches: one, it could be the Sanskrit word for 'snow', as in the Himalaya Mountains in Asia or two, it could be the Japanese word for 'time', or perhaps 'time to spare' or maybe still 'leisure'.  So this device could be really anything, especially because HTC is Taiwanese not Japanese.  We'll just have to wait and see about that one, because it could very well just be an internal name.

If you're rejoining us, welcome back.  Now, let's get to the meat of the Hima leak from @upleaks: the specifications of this Hima device from HTC.  First, it's got that delicious-sounding Snapdragon 810, octa-core 64-bit processor from Qualcomm.  Now, that processor will reportedly be running at 2 Ghz across four cores, while the other four clock in at 1.5 Ghz, paired with 3 gigabytes of RAM to smooth out the experience.  Now, the display will apparently be a 5-inch 1080p panel, which will be great for battery life since QuadHD displays are still massive battery saps.  The device will feature a more-than-satisfactory set of connectivity options, including category 6 LTE, Voice-over-LTE, and carrier aggregation.  That should make those data fanatics more than happy.  The camera, as with every HTC device, is of importance to many customers.  Hima will possibly have a Sony 20.7 megapixel sensor on the back, with a possibility of either a 4 megapixel Ultrapixel or 13 megapixel front-facing camera.  That should sate the camera enthusiasts, especially the funny ones that only care about megapixels not the quality.

Next up is the battery of the Hima.  It is supposed to a 2480 mAh cell, which should work just fine with a 1080p display.  The Android version to come from HTC is obviously the latest, Android 5.0 Lollipop, supposedly with HTC's 'delayed' update to Sense UI, raising it to version 7.  This is great news, and should stack up nicely against the rumored Galaxy S6 we covered yesterday.  Now, the Hima will also be a very available device too, according to @upleaks, who says it will be available on all four U.S. carriers, and it's also apparently already ready and in testing by the carriers.  The device will also see a very similar treatment, with a larger or more powerful version, as well as a more affordable Desire-equivalent once it's launched globally.  The Desire's codename is reportedly Hima_Ace, so it should be similar, but in a plastic body, since HTC uses aluminum for its top-tier devices.  And as with the One M8 from this year who got a Windows Phone-loaded variant, the Hima will also apparently see the same treatment, with the device currently being referred to as  'HimaW', and it will supposedly be available at least on AT&T in the U.S., and other select markets.  The stream of tweet-leaks don't stop there, guys.

Now is the time for two of the screenshots that @upleaks has posted, and they are very very tentatively authentic (if at all, really).  The first is a screenshot of a zip file containing something, and we can't know what.  The file's name is promising, since it's "OPJAIMG_HIMA_UL_L50_SENSE70_ATT_Cincular_US", so we might see what Sense 7 looks like, or what some of the Sense-ified system apps look like at this stage of development: fingers crossed for that.

Now, we come to the interesting part of this tweet-leak series.  There was a tweet that said there would be an affordably-priced as well as a bigger version of Hima, so the names look to be revealed in the second image, which details some reportedly currently-used names for the various versions of the device.  The Hima variants, as well as the new iteration of the RE Camera (the RE Camera 2), the Butterfly 3, as well as a possibly in-the-works HTC tablet.  The tablet is currently referred to as the 'T1H#F' (with that being the Wi-Fi only model), and is being worked on in Wi-Fi-only, as well as a T1H#TUHL TD-CDMA / WCDMA / GSM / LTE model.

The RE Camera will apparently not be refreshed for another 6+ months, but there is one in the works already, so that's nice I guess.  The various versions of the Hima also have another variation, beside the Hima and HimaW, called 'HIMA_ULTRA', which could be the larger flagship mentioned earlier this evening.  The device will also, by the looks of it, be hitting an Asian market possibly including China, as well as Verizon, AT&T, and some others that aren't specified, so it might hit other countries or carriers, but that's still completely up in the air.  The Hima_Ace doesn't seem to be heading anywhere except Asia, so that's a little disappointing, since the Desire variants of HTC's flagships are really rather great in comparison, especially concerning price and specification equivalences.

Now, we've gone on enough about the HTC twee-leak marathon, and we want to remind you: they are all leaks, and could all be completely wrong, inaccurate, or whichever error you please.  But, if these are anywhere near accurate, then we have a big year coming for smartphones in 2015.  Samsung and HTC look to be ready to duel for your dollar, as in the good old days of 2013 with the Galaxy S IV and original One.  Let us know if there's any device from HTC that you're looking forward to the doubtlessly-coming leaks of, and why.

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