HTC RE Camera Successor For Next Year Is Already On The Cards

AH HTC Event 90 RE

HTC pulled off a surprise with the launch of the RE camera. Leaks and rumours convinced us about its GoPro-rivaling nature, but it was soon learnt that the RE wasn’t really a GoPro rival. In fact, the RE is quite an interesting product in its own and has no rivals per se, because it’s probably the only product in its niche. The periscope-like camera is designed to make documenting easier for all sections of users, be it novices or experts.

Fresh reports emerging from HTC’s home country of Taiwan suggest that the company might be up to something with regards to the RE. Specifically, a successor to the RE. Jack Tong, President of HTC’s North Asia division, acknowledged this and conceded that the company was indeed working on a successor to the RE. The RE 2 (or whatever HTC decides to call it) doesn’t have a launch date yet, but it’s being said that the product might be out in the large as early as next year, i.e., 2015. This comes when the first gen of the RE camera readies itself to hit shelves in Taiwan; the device is all set to go on sale in the country tomorrow at an equivalent of US$193. A lot will however depend on how well the first gen aka the ‘pilot’ does for HTC. So far, so good, one would like to believe.

While the RE may be having a very ergonomic design, the camera does lack a viewfinder/screen. HTC could very well include a screen and top up the sensors by a bit to pull off the RE 2, or create a whole new design altogether. We don’t know yet, but we’re certainly excited. The current gen RE comes with a 16 MP camera sensor with a wide-angle lens that covers 146 degrees. It also does full HD video so your moment of action can be relished in high definition. With the likes of GoPro doing 4K action cameras, HTC, by any means, don’t have a dearth of places to look for inspiration! What would you want to see on the next gen RE?