HTC Now Selling The Nexus 9 'Magic Case' For $39.99 But Only In One Color

nexus 9 magic case

Anything Google is big business and as such always attracts headlines. This year was no different. Besides the launch of Lollipop, we also got to see the launch and release of the Google Nexus 6 by Motorola and the Google Nexus 9 by HTC. The latter of these two was Google’s latest take on a tablet and came running out of the box on Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Although the Nexus 9 is now on sale the accessories are still one of the features en-route. For instance, back in October the official Nexus 9 cases hit the Play Store although at the time they were not available. These consisted of the Nexus 9 Folio Case and the Nexus 9 Cover.

The Folio case was the more expensive out of the two coming in at $129 and this was also the first to hit the market and is now available via the Play Store. However, the Nexus 9 Cover which also goes by the name ‘Magic Case’ was not so quick to land and is still not currently available via the Play Store. The cover is listed but coming with the ‘Coming soon’ tag. That said, if you are after one it does look like the Magic Case has today become available directly from HTC. The benefit of the Magic Case is that it can double as a stand for the Nexus 9 and offers multiple viewing angles. Not to mention the Magic Case is also magnetic. It is also worth noting this case comes with a cut away slit for the camera which can easily be folded over. This means when you are not using the camera the whole back of the device (including the camera) is much better protected.

If you are interested in this case then you need to head over to the HTC website (source link below) where you can pick up the magic case for $39.99. Both the Play Store and HTC list the case in a number of available color options although at present only the Coral Amethyst color is offered. That said, if you have been waiting for this case then this is currently the only way to get hold of it.